Age 17 – Even my therapist senses a positive, attractive vibe in me


I get more shit done, instead of watching porn. I have way more confidence and people at my college are looking at me and stepping aside if i want to pass (that’s something that didn’t happen before). i built my own home gym and started working on my body to attract the girls i want.

I’m also setting up my own business. From today i will be entering a month of hard mode. No playing or edging, no sex.

[From earlier post]

[I] ‘kinda’ relapsed at day 60 because i had to make sure everything was still working (i was born with one testicle and i don’t want anything to happen to it) Here’s some motivation. I started nofap during my 10 week vacation to Malta. Before i went to malta i visited a psychiatrist almost every week. A week ago i saw my psychiatrist again and she said i was a completely different person. She could sense a positive, attractive vibe from me (don’t take that the wrong way) I am also much better at talking to girls for some reason.

Yeah, the benefits are worth it!!

‘i wanted to relapse but then i realized i had motherfuckers to prove wrong’. Self hatred, depression, lack of social skills, being a beta male, not getting shit done. Worst motherfuckers in my life 🙂

[I did NoFap because] No energy, depression, no social skills, being beta, not being able to attract the girls i want. I am making efforts to socialize, i have more energy, i am setting up my  own business, i built a home gym and i am now working on getting an attractive body. I am 17 🙂


By Drecksmeck