Age 17 – From introvert to extrovert, can now handle uncomfortable situations, don’t care what others think

This meant for those considering doing nofap, or need a boost in motivation to keep going!

•I went from an introvert to an extrovert: not overnight, of course, but it was a slow process of getting more and more confidence to go out and not worry about talking to random strangers, and making new friends.

•I became stronger within to handle uncomfortable situations: I welcome them with open arms now, seeing them as a new learning experience, rather than a negative and awkward challenge, this has made life much, much easier for me.

•I don’t care about what others think: I am me, and you are you, i stopped letting what other people say about me change the way I live my life, there have been times I’m told the things I do for hobbies are weird or rather stupid, but they bring me joy and make me get out there more; and if it makes me happy and doesn’t bother anyone else, go for it! Take that step to make yourself happier! Now!

•Went on a strict lean diet: don’t know f nofap could be related to this or not but I’d like to add it in because of how both of them go together.

Nofap is resisting the temptation of masturbation (has a ring to it).

A diet is the resisting consumption of unhealthy foods.

When both of these habits are applied to your life and you do your hardest to maintain them, it leads into my next benefit.

•Integrity: I have built up more internal integrity than I ever have in my life, I feel so much better about myself of who I am, what I want and need, and what I don’t want or need that’s not good for me, this one is key into maintaining a very healthy lifestyle.

That’s all the benefits so far from this nearly one year already, and I hope this helped someone Into considering to get into it as well!

I’m only 17 as well so just know you can start this at any age, no matter what. Keep living clean y’all!


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By K_B-