Age 17 – Get serious about nofap and watch your life transform


I’m 17 and I never had much of an issue socializing. My self esteem before nofap was not much of a concern. But Now I just speak my mind and do what makes me happy. As far as I know my attention from girls has only slightly increased, but I don’t care about that anymore so that’s fine with me.

Although it doesn’t feel like it’s been it’s been that long [107 days], I can safely say that nofap has played an important role in my growing as a person the past few months. Until around day 80 however I allowed myself to edge so the most I can boast is semen retention. But that combined with the occasional use of lsd and constant introspection has changed my life entirely.

I’ve come to decisive conclusions about religion, love, and my place in the universe. I gained confidence and stopped giving so much of a fuck about what others think about me. I’ve devoted myself to my studies have a thirst for knowledge now.

I have felt unstoppable, and even shocked myself when I took the ACT for the first time and got a 32. How much exactly of this can be attributed to nofap I cannot say, but I can safely say that had I stayed the desperate mess of shamelessness that I was a few months ago, I would certainly not feel the same way, and who knows how much better I would feel had quit more than O.

My point is that masturbating is all good and fun, but there is so much more that you learn when you stop. Quitting self pleasure doesn’t void your life of pleasure, it just makes pleasure come from things you never thought possible. Get serious about nofap and watch your life transform. Stay strong fapstronauts

TLDR- don’t fap, is bad

LINK – 107 days

By STR8Baller_