Age 17 – Greater confidence, Talking easier to girls and strangers, More energy & motivation, I started to love socialising

I made it..
3 long months…
And I’m continuing!!! I am disgusted from porn now and I resist the urges that hit me. Urge after urge.. I resisted them.. A total of 3/4 wet dreams during this streak (can’t remember need to check my journal). They didn’t affect me at all and I went on continuing.. Here below are the most important benefits I noticed:

No more shame!
The most important thing I don’t have anymore is shame..
I don’t need to be ashamed anymore for my old habit. I am considering to tell my parents how I was addicted to porn but I think I will need more time for that.. It may still come over as a shock to them as 3 months are in nofap a lot but in life not.
However when talking to girls I don’t have this thought in my head anymore,,, spooking around…

More confidence!
I’m also more confident but have realised that being overconfident isn’t good for my exams. I was this first and so I started late to study for my exams. I have my Biology exam on the 9th of may (5 days left) and I made progress but not enough to be 100% sure that I will get a high enough grade. However with some more good study I will make it. My other exams I have to study for are Economy and Maths.. I am better in those then Biology and I am 90% sure I will pass them and with some more study 100%. In the past I was more anxious about tests/exams.. I was anxious with talking to girls.. Anxious when talking to strangers.. Those problems are gone.. I also had anxiety when we had sport lessons because I suck at most sports but now I think: f### it idc. I also improved myself with going to the gym with friends. Together we improved our body and our condition a lot thanks to this.

Talking easier to girls and strangers!
This was always a problem for me.. It was easy visible that I was anxious when talking to girls and they noticed that of course.. Now I don’t have that problem anymore and I can talk normal with every human!! I started to love socialising and catching up with friends.

More energy!
Overall I have more energy but I am currently exhausted and I suffer from fatigue due to sudden weather changes which I am verry sensitive for.. When the weather goes from 20 degrees Celsius to 10 from one to another day I experience a bleeding nose.. I’m also tired of studying but I have to continue for my exams and then I have 3 months no school afterwards and time to rest. Time I can spend on learning a new language maybe?? Not planning to put my energy in a girlfriend atm.
In the past I was lazy and almost never went outside and I would play videogames all day!!

More motivation!
This is a thing which helped me a lot.. PMO made me lazy and unmotivated but now I am more motivated to study! In the past I would never study which forced me to go from high common education to medium common education.. My grades are good atm and I will be re-allowed to high common education when I pass my exams successful!!!

-Limit your internet usage (this will give you less change to PMO at all).
-Occupy your self with a hobby (I personally read books and play video games).
However don’t play too much video-games and prevent games with explicit content.
School is more important then your hobby.
-Go to the gym often. I go 2-3 times a week and It benefits condition, strength and your appearance.
-Socialise with people. This makes you happier.
I can possibly find more.. Be free to ask me !!!

Good luck you all!!!

LINK – 90 days: Did my life change?

by A_long_wayTOgo