Age 17 – I experienced greater confidence, charm, charisma: I can attract girls now

Okay, so after being on nofap for a year and relapsing about one hundred times, I finally reached this streak. Day 90 just feels like a great achievement and it’s really awesome as I am also getting a lots of wishes since morning. So I just want to share a few point about how was my journey here.

  1. Journey: It was awesome after day 30. The last I relapsed was on 24th of July and that was the time when I decided that now I have to quit and I have to reach day 90 no matter what and believe me guys, it wasn’t easy at all.. I deleted all those things which came my way as distractions, like, instagram, Quora, some mobile games etc. And the urges were really strong between day 15-30.
  2. A small intro: I am K. S. from India, I am 17 years old and “I used to be a porn and masturbation addict”, thanks to nofap and other fapstronauts who helped me overcome my addiction (lots of love and thanks for you all guys on this subreddit).
  3. A small advice: Just don’t watch porn and all your other problems will be solved automatically. And for those who are struggling to get past day 30, just don’t watch porn again and don’t even fap, the urges are gonna be really strong between the period of 15-30 days and believe me, once you pass this period then your life will be much peaceful than before. Just don’t want porn because it’s not worth it.
  4. Superpowers??: Yes, I experienced superpowers, like confidence, charm, charisma, thick hairs, better musculature of neck and chest, I can attract girls now?, etc. You can feel this too, believe me.
  5. Am I going to fap now? : Hell no! I have come this far not to relapse. Now I’ll continue my streak and I’ll still never watch porn and I m never going to relapse too.I apologize for my grammatical errors and I hope I was kinda help for you all. You guys can ask me more questions in comments or in personal.

Thank you all once again ?.

LINK – Finally Day 90!!? 

by karansharma0550