Age 17 – I feel normal


So my journey started around a year ago where I went for a month on nofap and didn’t feel too much so I stopped and went back to my old ways until about 6 months ago. I completely my first 90 days PMO free around the start of December last year and I wasn’t feeling much benefits. So I did a little experiment. Watched porn and masturbated once to see what effect it had on me. Bad Idea.

After that ‘experiment’ I went straight back into watching porn again around once a day. On December 24th I decided to get back on the nofap train because I realised was going back to my old ways. Well here I am, day 90 again.

I feel normal.

That’s what I think people get wrong about nofap. For me I didn’t get superpowers and all this stuff that people talk about. I feel normal. I feel what I used to feel like before porn. Free. I’m just myself again and porn isn’t part of my daily life anymore.

So I guess this is what I gained from nofap. The ability to be and feel normal again. I’m only 17

Thanks to this community

After the first relapse I was not back to square one I don’t think. However I didn’t just relapse once. It was almost a month of one a day. However I think I am now in a better place than how I was in December.  I now feel as if I don’t need to watch it at all anymore.

LINK – 90 days again.

By SweetOneGeese