Age 17 – I find myself smiling for no reason at all

It all started when I was about to turn 17, I told to myself that I would quit pornography on the day of my 17th birthday. I failed pretty bad and like 5 days later I was watching porn again, I guess I did not have the right motivation and I went on like that for the next 2-3 months.

Than I decided to inform myself about the effect that pornography has on yourself. I found out that it is bad for your brain, your mental health and that it can be classified as a drug. And that really worried me and made me feel bad about myself. I went on 3 weeks streak without watching it, then I failed again. I was feeling depressed (not like I was depressed but I was feeling depressed) and lonely.

I’m now not watching porn for 5 months, I still masturbate like once a week but yeah my main goal was to quit porn and to masturbate less and I went from masturbate 5 times a week to 1. In the last months I also quitted Social Media like Facebook and Instagram, I started meditating and reading more.

I’m now a better version of myself than I was a year ago and I feel more happy than I ever been. I literaly find myself smiling for no reason at all and that’s the best sensation ever. I’m starting to be grateful of the things I have and I can see all the little good things I have in my life.

What I understood from this experience? That we are, not always but most of the time, responsible for our own happiness.

I find girls more attractive than before and I have got more self-confidence and I’m less shy. I wanted to quit because first of all every time I jerked off to porn I was ashamed of myself. And also because, like I said, I found out that porn can harm you in a lot of way, and watching people talking about their experiences of quitting porn and their benefits also helped me to quit.

LINK – My story about quitting porn and being happy again

By DasGazabel