Age 17 – I got a Girlfriend & lost my Virginity, Better relationships with my friends, I started enjoying the little things in life again.


Best 3 months of my Life. I started this whole nofap Thing because i wanted do get rid of my acne, it helped but it’s not completely cleared. I lost the interest in Video Games and Netflix. I started running and look more on my health and so on. I got a Girlfriend and lost my Virginity! 🙂 better relation to my friends, and i started enjoying the little Things in life again.

You know what? Stop fapping, and you will be happier. It’s not the streak which matters! The only thing that matters is, you need to have the will to improve yourself 😉

Stay Strong Brothers

(Sorry, my English isn’t that great)

LINK – 90 days… I DID IT!

by oCreePz