Age 17 – I view women differently and get more attention from them


First streak this long. I’m generally a lot happier, I recently decided to take on another class just for fun even though I won’t be getting any benefits from it, socializing is also a lot easier.

Symptoms that caused me to try… I could kinda tell the shit I was watching was fucked up and it changed the way I looked at women, so I figured I had to fix that.

Also I felt like people could tell when I had PMOd the day before so I was kind of paranoid about that. I definitely have more respect for all women in general now and I treat them better.

In a relationship for the first time in 2 years, my main objective isn’t sex but companionship, and I’m feeling real affection for the first time in 6 years.

This entirely changes the way you view women and gets you more attention from them. Another thing: I’m having an easier time cracking jokes and holding conversations. Keep it up guys, it pays off.


By RealAlcibiades