Age 17 – Mental wall preventing conversation being destroyed


I’m 17 years old and preparing for my Senior Year of High School. I decided to embark on the NoFap Challenge as a means of combating PIED that I’ve acquired through my misuse and abuse of PMO, a habit that I’ve afflicted myself with since the age of 12 or so.

If I hoped to enjoy a satisfying and successful sex life now and later on in my life, pornography and rigorous masturbation were two things that I needed to banish out of my life.

Starting off 30 days ago, I had an unrealistic expectation of what NoFap could do for me. All this talk of “Superpowers” led me to believe that some hidden biological mechanism within my body would be unleashed, allowing me to transcend into some new realm of existence (this is an exaggeration).

To be honest, I’ve always had trouble approaching and not acting in an awkward manner around girls and I convinced myself that resisting PMO would suddenly alleviate that like some sort of magic pill.

Now, I’ve come to understand that semen retention boosts ones CONFIDENCE, and CONFIDENCE is what grants us these “Superpowers”, which is the greatest benefit I’ve gained at this point.

I’ve never felt this feeling of social confidence and such a strong desire to meet new people and create relations with who I encounter. It feels like a mental wall that prevents me from expressing myself through conversation is steadily being destroyed.

In addition, the sexual energy that I would blindly and guiltlessly waste on PMO is now being directed towards productive activities, such as furthering my passion for music and strength training. I’ve picked up the guitar after a long hiatus of not practicing, and all my lifts in the gym increased beautifully since my undertaking of the NoFap lifestyle.

For anyone considering NoFap but finds themselves unsure of its actual ability to increase quality of life, I 1000% advocate you just do it.

Finally, I’d like to end with an analogy about NoFap that I’ve been considering lately. NoFap is like a diving board. When someone stands on a diving board, they bounce around staring into a pool full of water (or alcohol if you’re a Kendrick Lamar fan) and may feel uneasy about the temperature of the contents of the pool or how the contents feels on their body.

When they finally dive into the pool, they realize that the water feels great, and the longer they stay in, the more comfortable they feel within the pool. This is the same with NoFap. Once someone embarks on the challenge, they realize a life free of PMO rewards them in ways their past life could not.

The journey at first is filled to the brim with urges and edging, but as time goes on, the journey doesn’t get any easier but you get better at it, and start to locate other areas of life that you can tweak and refine to become the best version of yourself.

[PIED is]  doing better. I feel more of a sex drive than I did when I started.

That is all. I’ll write again once I hit 90 days. Thank you for reading and good luck brothers and sisters with continuing to uplift others within our community.

LINK – The 30 Days War: My NoFap Experience Thus Far

By Nwallack19