Age 17 – More energy, eye contact easier


I’m 17, and I’m having more energy, also noticed yesterday that eye contact is much easier, and I started NoFap at 14. I was PMOing at 12, and knew it was wrong right off the bat. I started NoFap because I wanted to be free from addiction, and not have that terrible guilt lurking in my head all the time.

What good my dudes? So I recently made an all time high record of 92 days on NoFap. I relapsed, but here is what was different. I didn’t binge porn, in fact, I’m over a week clean without it. 90 days really cleared my brain alot. BUT, those super powers didn’t go away just because I had one slip up.

Today at school I was shocked at how much of a social beast I’ve become. I’m much more lively in class, I participate more, I talk to more girls, I interact with more people, and have a stupid smile I can’t get off my face. My point gentlemen, is that even if you slip up and relapse, you DONT HAVE to sit there and get the crap kicked out of you on the cold hard floor, all you have to do is get up. That’s it. Don’t beat yourself up over relapses, that’s what keeps us in the system. Love you guys, take care.

LINK – The social beast

By GonnaBeStronger