Age 17 – My biggest challenges and insecurities aren’t problems anymore

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I finally reached triple digits. Ffinding this subreddit has been the best thing to ever happen to me. You guys have really changed my life for the better. Social anxiety (i could hardly look my own parents in the eyes), mild depression, being overweight, and constant tiredness plagued for me years but now i have a handle on it all.

i discovered this subreddit back when nofap november went mainstream in 2017, and my biggest challenges and insecurities of that time aren’t problems anymore for the most part, and i give all the credit to nofap for giving me the energy and motivation to fix my life.

i’m 17, started PMO when i was 11-12 and began nofap 11/2017. i think is my 3rd or 4th real streak – i kinda gave up for a couple months a while ago by allowing myself one MO a week bc i thought it wouldn’t be too bad but it really was. all week i was in a haze, constantly anxious and feeling like shit up until the 7th day and then i’d MO and it would all come flooding back into my life. i’m clean now tho and don’t ever plan on stopping!

i haven’t even had the desire to PMO in months and i can’t see myself ever relapsing again, to be honest. i hope the rest of you guys reach your goals and i wish you all luck

LINK – i did it.

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