Age 17 – My life is literally amazing, my social anxiety has completely gone


i know everybody says the same but man, this shit is real. If i had to describe how i feel in only 2 word, it would be FUCKING AWESOME! haha, literally, my life is incredible!!

Two days ago I turned 17 and the reason I started nofap was becuase i was really shy, i had masive social anxiety, negative with everything, weird and i was super lazy.

And back then I used to like a girl in my class so one day i just realized she was going next year so i was completely sad and depressed for months coz back then i was such a pussy that i would cry for this shit becuase i was really attached to her, but anyways, i never had a girlfriend back then and that was the only girl I liked so for me that was like getting my heart broken.

Then as time passed, I realised that i had to make a change in my life so i decided to look for a solution on youtube about how to deal with a breakup and all that stuff. After a few months watching these vids i stumbled across a video about not masturbating for 365 days by Infinite Waters (Yt channel).

So after watching that video had a lot of curiosity about this´challenge´so i started investigating and i found about the benefits of not masturbating and retaining your cum and i was in shock, I felt that I found everything i needed to change my life for the better.

Btw, the main reason why I started nofap is because i wanted to get rid of my social anxiety, which was a huge problem to me back then. Also i was addicted to videogames and porn

so as many nofap begginers, i relapsed several times at the beggining. But one day, after 2 months aprox i got sick and tired of fapping and i just completely changed my way of thinking. I even got to the point of not even wanting to touch my dick even if a had to take a piss, lol.

So from there, which was the 9th of october 2017, i completely stopped fapping, watching porn and playing videogames. And now look at were im at, pretty suprisisng right? Currently at day 274 of nofap harmode!

im planning to do this for the rest of my life and im only going to have sex with real women. My life is literally amazing, especially becauase my social anxiety has completely gone which i never believed to that it would happen to me. Dude, im telling you, this nofap shit works!! btw in 17.

i ,mastered this shit. Its so easy living a pmo free lifestyle for me, especially becuase im really focudes on my goals and purpose and i do a lot of high intensity exercise becuase im a competitive swimmer.

LINK – 9 months of nofap hardmode!!!

By RedBatDoesntTouch