Age 17 – Severe PIED almost cured after 6 months of dead dick and other withdrawal symptoms

At this time I’m 17 1/2 and I can officially say my PIED is almost entirely cured. I’m gonna avoid wasting your time with this post and gonna keep it focused. Skip to the bottom for my complete guide and tips to beat severe PIED.


Before I started my road to recovery I had been watching porn everyday for 5-6 years with almost no breaks. Sometimes it would be many times a day. Like others I had no idea what I was doing was ruining my mind and life. I thought it was a normal thing that most people did and had no idea I had a porn addiction. During my porn addiction, my dick would only worked when I physically jerked it off.

The first time I really realized what porn had done to me was one I linked up with a girl for the first time in a while to find out my little man wasn’t working. This confrontation scarred the living hell out of me. It made me believe for the first time I had ED so I cut down my porn watching to once or twice a week . Around a month after this confrontation I started talking to my now girlfriend of 7 month . We talked for about a month before any sexual interaction during all of this time no pmo for me because I was scared of my dick would not work when I was with her. Finally we made it into a bedroom together and my dick would barely work even with her grinding on me. This was absolutely shocking to me and scared the shit out of me since I believed a few weeks without porn should do the trick. I did an insane amount of research in a few days and discovered the no fap community and became familiar the the term ”flatline”.

IMPORTANT !!!!! I wanna get this out of the way. Before starting my recovery the most I had done with a girl was making out. So all throughout those 5 -6 years of porn addiction and puberty my mind was becoming attached to porn instead of real women.

If you fall into this category of being addicted to porn with little interaction with women during puberty, your recovery is going to be extremely harder than anyone’s else’s and your PIED will most likely take longer to cure like mine My number 1 tip to beating PIED (porn induced erectile dysfunction) is to find a girl to rewire your brain with. Rewiring is basically getting your brain to want real women instead of a screen (porn).

When I told my new girlfriend about my addiction and PIED she was shocked but she was patient and supportive thought the whole 6 months of my pied and if you fall into the same category of addiction of me (throughout puberty at a young age with no women) it’s essential you find someone to help you rewire like she did for me, and read my guide at the bottom. Now onto my story:

START OF RECOVERY (MONTH 1) At the start of my recovery my girl and I agreed to do nothing sexual until I was cured of my pied . I immediately fell into a flatline that would last several months and most of my recovery . The flatline arguably made my recovery easier because I felt no horniness at all through this flatline so I didn’t have any urges. The first month was filled with hope that I would be cured of my PIED fast.

MONTH 2 – this hope of a quick recovery was smashed with month 2. Month 2 I was still in my flatline and feeling absolutely no horniness at all . My dick had no function whatsoever. During this month I began to do sexual stuff on my girl with the hope of this to rewire my brain. The only good thing coming out of this month was my morning wood returning a few times a week at most.

MONTH 3 – this month was most likely to be the hardest . Most people online say day 90 is the magic number for pied cure. But into the 3rd month my dick was completely soft every day no matter what I did on my girl. I felt dead inside with no energy or horniness. The flatline is undoubtedly the worst part of recovery. My flatline effectively made me into a shell of a man with zero libido, zero energy and pounding headaches throughout the weeks . I was beginning to realize how bad I really fucked my brain up with porn. If the withdrawal symptoms of no porn are really this horrible god knows how many videos I had to have watched. Morning wood still few times or none a week

MONTH 4 – my girl continued to support me and never pressured me for anything, which really helped my mental state. This month was very similar to the last. Very bad flatline, non working dick, worsening hope. I prayed to god during this month that I would emerge out of my flatline soon. I wanted to be cured so bad and to be able to have a normal relationship with my girl with a functional dick where I would feel horny like a normal person. I became depressed. I hadn’t been horny in 4 months now.  Morning wood same as last month

MONTH 5 – Month 5 was a good one. My flatline became less worse slowly this month . I began to have more energy, my headaches faded away and many aspects of life became better. During this month I think I had my first wet dream ever. It was about porn /: This month I felt horny for 1 day and fell right back into my flatline. My hopes began to rise after this sudden improvement. Morning wood same as last month.

MONTH 6 – even though I still had almost no horniness and my dick was always soft, my girl and I decided to start doing things on me. She started softly touched my dick until it would get hard. Then she gave me a hand job from a soft dick. Before I knew it my dick was becoming hard instantly when she started touching it instead of it taking 5-10 minutes for it to get hard like when she first started giving me hand jobs a few weeks ago. At this point I knew my recovery was coming to an end . Toward the end of this month after getting several hand jobs my horniness slowly crept back in. I could now think of something sexual and my dick would become hard for me and it was such a relief after having a dead dick for 6 months.

MONTH 7 – Month 7 is a bad one. I became so horny this month I even got random erections. After 7 months without porn….I relapsed. Several times. This is where I’m at now. You think you’d never go back and bam, without thinking of everything I worked so hard for to have a working dick again , I watched porn again. This is where I’m at now. I’ve just bought a porn blocker and told my self I would never watch porn again after going though that horrible flatline the past half year.


When you take on recovery to cure your PIED, I’m going to be honest, it’s going to get extremely hard at times. The flatline is going to relentlessly strip away your hope of being cured. You’re going to feel worthless, like a fake man who’s dick doesn’t work.

  • you’ve got to stay strong

  • you’ve got to find a girl to rewire your brain with

  • you’ve got to find ways to stay happy

  • you’ve got to remember one day the flatline will end

If you made it to this part of the post then you truly want to cure your PIED. I’m now going to give you the ultimate guide to curing it because there are some things you should do differently than me. If you have severe PIED at a young age during puberty with little interaction without women, you must follow this guide for a recovery as fast as possible. Trust me on this. I’ve done countless hours of research, been cured myself and I want to help you

GUIDE TO CURE PIED If you….. 1)have been addicted to porn at a young age 2)have little experience with women 3)have PIED 4)are going through a flatline 5)have low libido, then this guide is specifically for you and you’re going to want to do this, so let’s get started:

-the first thing that you’re going to want to do is go on NoFap hard mode for at least 90 days. This means absolutely no MO [masturbation/orgasm] to porn or anything at all. No looking at anything sexy whatsoever, no fantasizing.

-if you’re a hardcore addict like I was you’ll most likely fall into a flatline throughout your 90 days. It’s basically withdrawal symptoms from watching porn.Your body is trying to make you feel like shit for not giving it the constant pleasure that porn always has. During the flatline you’re going to have a dead dick that hardly works at all or not at all. I know it’s scary but DON’T test your dick to see if it works. I promise it does. Just make it past the 90 days. My flatline symptoms were little energy, heavy brain fog, headaches, anxiety. It sucks but remember it’s only temporary.

My tips to help ease the flatline symptoms 1)get at least 8 hours of sleep every night 2)take cold showers every morning 3)meditate to help with brain fog 4) take herbal supplements that are natural like Korean ginseng , maca, Ashwagandha, pomegranate juice. Whatever you do, don’t take any Viagra or anything not natural, it will only help temporarily if anything at all.

-once the 90 days are up, if you’re out of a flatline and feeling horny and you have good libido then congratulations you’re done with your rehab. But if you’re like me and you’re still deep and the horrible flatline after 90 days: this is exactly what you’re going to do to get out of it

  • find a girl to rewire your brain to . When you’re in your flatline your brain has nothing to make it horny. You’ve taken porn away from it so now it craves nothing. You have to give it a woman to replace the hornyness you once had for porn. I’m not saying to find a one night stand. Find a girl who you mutually have feelings for.

  • DON’T wait long to tell her about your problem, it’ll only make matters worse if you hide it from her. She needs to be aware of it and how to fix it for you to successfully cure your PIED. Start out by cuddling and then let her give you handjobs, bjs, anything sexual besides sex. Your dick may not work at first which is why you must tell her your condition. But after each session your dick will work more each time and before you know it you’ll be feeling like a normal person and you’ll begin feeling horny for her. You’ll forget what it was like being a porn addict and you must make sure to never go back.

  • The flatline makes it easy to stay away from prom because your not horny, but once you complete your rehab you’ll be feeling horny. It’ll be easy to go back to porn, take it from me. So stay motivated and remember what you went through. Thanks for reading. I’m answering any questions.

LINK – Severe PIED cured, flatline ended, porn addiction beat. My story and guide+tips at bottom

By Realistic_Bag_180