Age 17 – NoFap doesn’t help with social anxiety; it KILLS it!

The main problem in my life always was social anxiety, the absence of any social skills and ability to talk. Even when I was 4-5 years old, I remember how I was not able to say hello to my kindergarten crush, and when she hugged me, I was paralyzed and nervous af. Middle school bullying strengthened my anxiety, and every time when I met new people, I have these anxious thoughts about rejection and how they will make fun of me because I’m too shy and too awkward.

Now I am 17. During my life, I had only 2-3 friends at one time, and most of the time was sitting at home being afraid of any social interactions. Maybe it sounds familiar to some of you.

One year ago my parents and I decided that I will study abroad this year, what actually happened, and now I’m writing it in a school library in a whole different country. I arrive at school in October, in a whole another country, full of teenagers from different countries. That time was one of the worst periods of my life.

There is no bullying here, but I started feeling lonely here. If in my country I have a couple of friends and my best friend was from my class, here I had nobody. I was really depressed for a long period of time while everyone had fun.

At one point, I’ve decided that social anxiety is the thing that I need to overcome somehow. After watching videos and reading articles, I remembered about NoFap. To be honest, I do not remember how I found NoFap, it was a long time ago, and I was not taking it seriously. And also, I didn’t know that NoFap helps you with social confidence. It just appeared in my mind, probably after another session of masturbation. I noticed that I feel tired after jerking off, which affects my studies.

I made deeper research into NoFap, and when I was reading one article about the benefits of NoFap, I saw these familiar words. Social Anxiety. Nofap helps with social anxiety. I was shocked. No fuckng way it can help me. A started deeper research about NoFap affection of it on Social Anxiety and found out that it is not a magical cure for it and sometimes it does not help. NoFap gives you confidence but if you had severe social anxiety it will not save you from it.

Anyways on the first day of 2021, I started my journey and my first big streak was 7 days. For 4 months my biggest streaks were 7-9 days but at one point I motivated myself enough to go through urges and to not listen to my brain for a little amount of time and now I am here (my day counter [31 days]).

And if you are wondering does it help me with my social anxiety? No, it doesn’t help at all. IT FUCKING DESTROYS IT. Yesterday I was dancing with a speaker in my hand in front of my crush and she was laughing.

After this, I asked her to help me with math and it ended up with a very deep 2-hour dialogue. It was a hot girl and I have a crush on her. I was not nervous at all. I was feeling like real alpha. So if you wondering if nofap can cure your social anxiety and awkwardness, just stfu and start.

LINK – NoFap kills Social Anxiety COMPLETELY

By vladicklein