Age 17 – Severe PIED cured after 10 months of NoFap!

10 months ago, [I was] uninterested in sex. Couldnt get an erection with females, and the whole 9 yards,

I’ve been in the phases of thinking i’ll be broken forever, you can even read my old posts, but just to update u guys, its been 10 months andddd…

im almost finished with this journey. I’ve managed to have sex 3 times in a row today and could’ve done 4 but she couldn’t handle it, 100% erections and stamina increased with each round, it worked great,

Healing isn’t totally done tho, I still have some time before It’s unquestionably healed, but today was a big step up from mediocre erections and completely failing 10 months ago every time. I went from zero to 100 . on the third round, she came 3 times while riding me before i did!!!!

Anyways my erectile dysfunction was a very severe case and started at 15 years old. Well that’s when i noticed it. I was never really interested in sex before that. T

Took me 6 months of struggle on and off before i could go these 10 months, now im on my way to being fully cured!!

i posted the original under porn induced sexual dysfunctions a couple days ago, just thought id share it here too, hope this helps

You guys can ask me questions and ill try my best to respond, but i usually avoid recovery sites because during my reboot, all these negative stories really killed my hope, and caused me great distress.

But for now, im 100% down to help a bro in need


by _most.high_