Age 17 – Social anxiety is 99% gone, and I couldn’t care less what people think of me

Hellooo people of the internet, welcome to this new post. This is how I would start my journal every single day, now I feel like it’s really appropriate! Just before I’m going to start my real thread, if you’re interested in some back stories, how I started, why and such, go here. If you’re just here for motivation, stick with me

In this thread, I’ll be breaking down the “common” 30 days benefits with my own perspective and how I experienced this journey.

First of all, I’ll start with a loop of how my journey went so far. I started great! I had a bit of experience with the challenge and I knew that when I became active on the forums, this was my shot! Having this mentality helped me going through the first stages and you all helped me bit by bit! Around day 5 were the toughest days. I wanted to PMO so badly and day 5 was the evil day, every streak. This time, I overwon day 5 and 6 and from there until day 21 everything went fine. Around day 21, I didn’t feel the need to P nor M nor O, though I felt there was some sort of sexual drive in me. So instead of watching porn, I watched pictures. It’s better, definitely, but still not the way to go. This lasted a week, and it’s probably just my brain, but in that week I felt anxiety, I felt weak and grumpy, so I decided to quit. Now, 2 days later, I’m doing better. My 30 days had ups and downs like everyone, but basically the flatline was the only time it made me mad and grumpy, besides that, I’ve been living on a cloud. Like a NoFap YouTuber called iAmLucid once said “The devil is not a person, it’s not an object, it’s not a thing. It only exists in your brain” and that is true. The toughts/urges you have to PMO or simply to do stuff that are not productive are not your own. It’s the devil that controls it for you, you need to break out of that bubble and live your own happy life. Friends and this community help a lot, but it all starts with perseverance from yourself. It’s you that makes the decisions, we’re only here to help and prevent them.

Now you know how I did it and what kind of got me motivated for this journey, it’s time to talk about everything a new beginner can only think of: the benefits. I’ll be posting the most common and early benefits and compare them to my own journey, starting with:

Increased energy: This is without a doubt to all people that have at least one braincell a logical benefit. It seems logical to me that when you stop spending hours of your day touching your willy and stop wasting your energy into that, that you automatically have more and more. This is without a doubt one of the realest benefits out there everyone should experience.

More confidence: This is a double one for me. Yes, social anxiety is 99% gone, and I couldn’t care less what people think of me. I do what makes me happy and let’s me be myself, and if I’m weird, so be it, do not expect everyone’s going to like you, only real friends will. On the other hand, my social skills only have got slightly better. I’m still afraid to look into people’s eyes, I’m not a very good talker and it’s hard for me to start a conversation and come up with a subject, though I’m quite sure this will take some time and get there as soon as it’s time. NoFap doesn’t last 90 days, it’s a lifetime ride, especially PM.

More motivation: This is one of the only benefits I haven’t really encountered that much, sure, I got more motivation compared to 30 days ago, but still not the level where I want to be. I once read that because of quitting NoFap, your brain will find other ways to give you dopamine, such as hobbies or food or whatever. For me, this is gaming. Sure I have more free time, but I usually use that to game and that’s probably my next addiction I want to break, and I bet it’ll even be harder than NoFap. Probably also explains why I’m not that outgoing/social.

Brain fog: Honestly, I stil have no clue what it really means and what it stands for. I can litterally imagine fog being in my brain, but that’s probably not what it means, so sorry for all the boys and girls who wanted to see how to developed, as of today, I’m still not sure if I even had brain fog, or if I still have it. Haven’t noticed any difference with my brain at all.

Voice, hair and other physical aspects: My voice has gotten a bit deeper, my hair feels more volumized and smoother and I just feel like a more cleaner person in general. This was one of the benefits I was looking forward to the most and they definitely appeared.


Women attraction: I haven’t noticed a lot from this. Girls don’t really seem to reach out to me, or give me the looks like some people here say. A girl also never takes the first step to approach me or I’m always the guy who needs to text first in order to get a conversation going. It sometimes feels like I’m invisible to them and only the junkies from school can get girls, only just not the right ones which doesn’t involve real love. I won’t lose hope though, I’m sure that if I continue I’ll find someone who really loves me, and to be honest, I’m only 17 and still have a bright future ahead. The only this one girl that told me she wanted to do FWB, and no she’s not a playgirl who says this to everyone, she only wanted to do it with me. Here’s where I need tips, should I go for it and try it my first time in my whole life, or should I skip and wait a little longer. Honestly as a 17 year old boy who never did such things in his life, this is really tempting to say yes.

This was basically a big big recapitulation of how my 30 days looked like, definitely not the perfect 30 days where I had every aspect I just mentioned boosted, though that’s why I need to keep going and those “holes” will be filled in pretty easily. Thank you so much for all the support on here and from the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best of luck, it takes time, but at the end you all can do it and it’s all worth it! See you soon!

– Cyna

LINK – Flipped my life in 30 days

by Cynamooo