Age 17 – The stories of success on here are true. There really are so many benefits from NoFap.

Fellow fapstronauts,

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been on these forums. Today is Day 379 of my current NoFap streak. Over the last 379 days, I have experienced many benefits because of NoFap. I have become more confident in my decisions and my values. I have accepted who I am and become confident in my personality. I have stopped caring about what others think of my personality and my values. I am happier.

The stories of success on here are true. There really are so many benefits from NoFap.

But the most important benefit from NoFap for me is that I have learned how to fight. I have learned how to stand up for my beliefs and make the right decisions based on my values and my personality. I have taken control of my life and I have truly conquered so many situations in life just because I have stood up for my values.

Today, on day 379, I faced my toughest test yet. There is a girl that I have talked to over snapchat and text on and off over the last year and a half. She recently went through a breakup but has always been wanton and what you might call a “hoe” in some respects. She tried to seduce me tonight over snapchat. She sent sexually explicit pictures and videos in hopes that I would cave and pleasure myself while she did the same to herself. But I did not cave. I stood up for my values. I did not watch the porn, and I blocked her. I won the fight.

My values since the beginning of the streak have been to block girls who send me sexually explicit pictures, videos, or texts. I don’t want to prioritize sex and I want to keep myself away from triggers, but more importantly, I don’t want to bring back my porn addiction or subject to mind to porn again. But this battle was harder than others.

My friends, who knew about this whole situation and who believe that NoFap is a farce, were trying to convince me to jack off to what she was sending me. They wanted me to break my streak and cave in, mainly because they don’t see the benefits of NoFap like I do. Yet I didn’t cave. I upheld my values and won the battle for myself. For me. To preserve the benefits and uphold the values that have made my life so much better and made me so much happier. I didn’t subject myself to the porn. I didn’t cave in. I didn’t break my streak. I didn’t let her actions define my behavior negatively. I stood up for myself.

NoFap has made me a fighter. You can be one, too. If you’re struggling right now, remember: the moment of pleasure during and after PMO is NOTHING, NOTHING compared to what you will feel after you successfully win the fight against a possible trigger or streak ender. Look past the moment of sexual pleasure and see long lasting freedom of continuing your streak.

See the continued benefits. Don’t go back to where you were. Fight for the future, fight for what you love, fight for what’s right. Fight for yourself. You CAN do it. You CAN win.

-yours truly

LINK –Day 379

by powerthrough16