Age 17 – Was it worth it? Hell yes it was. And I recommend you do the same.

So, I’ve been clean from porn and masturbation for over 200 days and figured that I might share my story since it might motivate someone to do the same. I’m 17 years old, and used to be REALLY addicted to porn. I would jack off 3-4 times on a weekday, even more on weekends. I would get easily distracted while doing homework, was awkward around girls. I was depressed, basically a sack of shit.

I started my journey in December. I failed many times, my first streak was something like 3 days. I would usually relapse around 10-14 days until I finally said to myself that it’s now or never and now I haven’t masturbated since February.

The urges were basically constant for the first 30 days, then they died down and would hit hard, but rarely. 90 days is the point at which you basically forget about it. I get urges from time to time, but they usually go away after a minute.

So, what has changed after 200 days?

I got my first proper kiss, met a lot of new people, including girls, someone actually fell in love me and I fell in love with her, (unfortunately things got fucked and we most likely won’t end up together) we were “unofficially dating”, as in we both knew we love each other, felt the connection, touched, kissed etc. but never talked about dating, so we didn’t fell the commitment, which probably makes our relationship slowly die down, fucked up, I know. I just hope it gets better because I still love her like I have never loved anyone.

In the beginning of nofap I was depressed and it went away eventually. Its hitting me again, but at least I had those 3 months where I felt like a human should. I also noticed that for some reason I get better progress at the gym than my friends, I hit it as often as they do, I started off with the same weights, and I don’t even take any supplements like some of them do. Could be something to do with testosterone levels in my body.

Basically, its now easier for me to focus on a particular task, I appreciate women more, they actually show more interest in me, I’m more confident and it helped my mentality for a while. I also feel slightly “manlier”.

Was it worth it? Hell yes it was. And I recommend you do the same. Keep going buddies. The outcome is worth the pain.

LINK – 200 Days! Finally!

by kop200