Age 17 – Your life WILL change. Just DO and don’t look back.

Age 17. Let’s set things straight – this is my 4-5th streak so far and the second one over 30 days. Long story short – moved states, discovered P, frequent M/O set in soon after, was on the bandwagon for around 4 years before coming across NoFap through means of memes belittling the concept. I’d tried almost every self-help methodology out there, spent thousands on programmes and courses (which did little to help) and was at a point where I’d almost given in – almost accepted – that this was how reality is and that this is how the remainder of my life was going to play-out.

I was sad, lonely, depressed, had exponential amounts of insecurity coupled with social anxiety, I was weak and I made sure I acted the part -> a victim constantly whining, bickering, bitching about how unfair the world was and how life CHOSE ME, JUST ME to push around…that was until I stumbled upon the ideology of NoFap.

Now, this may sound like a backstory set straight for production at a secret film studio just outside Hollywood – but choose to believe what you may because this one’s REAL LIFE. While progress has been slow, I’ve decided to kick it up a notch this streak, so far I’ve –

  • Deleted ALL Forms Of Social Media. (the constant dopamine’s a bitch)
  • Stopped all video games, hard to do but you’ll get over it. Play chess when I’m bored now, this one’s coming from a former hardcore video game addict.
  • Disabled all forms of audio-visual entertainment Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Television, you name it – listen to audio books instead. (the constant audio-visual stimulation releases quite a shit ton of dopamine too)
  • Started meditating twice a day, 20 minute sessions each.
  • Started reading 1 chapter of 3 different books a day – I finish 3 books a week.
  • Finally got around to working on and implementing business concepts I’ve been nursing in my mind for quite a while now.
  • Started mewing
  • Started working-out, gained 12 pounds this year alone.
  • Eye sight’s gotten WAY better.
  • Attractiveness has skyrocketed – so has physical growth – gained 3 inches over the last 2 months.
  • Magnetism has increased significantly – starts at around day 14 – old acquaintances whom I haven’t spoken to in quite a while show up out of the blue.
  • Previous crush couldn’t get enough of me – unfortunately had to get around to blocking her – will be unblocked once she learns to get a hold of herself. ;)
  • Developing skillsets which will enable me to pursue what I want to work on, when I want to work on – corporate slavery once sounded like a great idea – now? Doesn’t even come under the term “idea”.

Looking back at where I’d been a couple of months back, how much I wanted to give up, wither and die? It seems surreal – but hey, my one word of advice? Do.

Looking forward it’ll be blurry, scary – if you will, trust the process blindly, trust your instincts, trust karma, trust in DOING – Do and the universe will show its gifts to you, pathways that were once beyond the extent of even being figments of your imagination will open up, opportunities will present themselves, choose to believe what your mind tells you to

But your LIFE WILL CHANGE. Just DO and DON’T look back.

LINK – 32 Days In! Real Change Begins Now!

by stonkmarketman