Age 18 – 100 Days: The most common mistakes, the benefits, and my story


I officially reached 100 days of no PMO. I decided to write this little thread in order to explain to you what you can expect of NoFap, what are the benefits that I gained from it, and what are my personal advices.


  • My story
  • What I went through
  • The benefits I experimented
  • The most common mistakes I saw

My story:

I was addicted to pornography for several years. I discovered pornography at the age of 12, and masturbation at the age of 10.

Come the moment I wanted to change. To be a better man. In almost 2 years of unsuccessful attempts, I experimented some streaks of 10 days, some other of 20 days and even a record of 40 days. But it was always the same pattern, I could make few days and then felt down miserably.

I also experimented many binges where I was stuck for weeks without being able to reach more than few days. Prisoner of myself, I decided to make a commitment. It would be the last one. I made the decision to register on NoFap 100 days ago, and it was a revelation : NoFap has changed my life for the better.

What I went through:

Each story is different, each of our experiences will never be the same. But one thing is sure : you will pass where I went through, you will live similar things and you will probably experiment the same fears as me.

To be honest, after hundreds of relapses, I made a promise to myself : become a new man, grow up, respect myself, and quit pornography. NoFap is not just about leaving pornography, it’s about adopting a new lifestyle and learning to grow — to become the best version of ourself.

During the first two months of my 100 days, I was in flatline, which means that I had absolutely no libido. I had absolutely no desire and no erection. My body was dead from all sexual desires.

After 60 days, my body came back to the charge. In a very strong way. The simplest was over and I was facing now the hardest periods of my reboot. Day 73 was complicated, I experienced a lot of anxiety and doubts. But I didn’t give up, and I’m here to share with you my story.

The benefits: Well… This is the most captivant part. I will describe in an exhaustive way everything I experimented in terms of benefits. Are these so-called “superpowers” true? We will answer them together.

Between 0 and 30 days:

  • Not much exciting. To tell the truth, nothing. But we must not give up at this stage : it would be a serious mistake.

Between 30 and 45 days :

  • My voice has become deeper.
  • My eyes shine like a mirror. They are wide open and vibrant.
  • My acne is gone. The majority of my pimples have disappeared, only a few remain because of the too sweet food I eat (but when I eat healthy, they all leave my face).
  • My memory has improved. I used to forget things a few hours later, but now I can remember informations several days later.
  • I became more generous. I think more about others. I feel less selfish, probably not at all anymore.
  • Music sounds incredible.

Between 45 and 70 days :

  • My speech went from nothing to everything. I speak with a calm voice. I clearly feel like a “speaker”.
  •  feel more calm in general.
  • I defend myself. Many times, men tried to make fun of me. I handled the situations in the best possible way.
  • I’m agressive. It’s good, but not always… and sometimes it’s bad. I often look other men in the eyes until they lower their eyes. I feel an enormous power in me.

Between 70 and 99 days :

  • My shyness has decrease. All my life, I had very little confidence in myself. Today, I can look someone in the eyes, talk to him and be calm in many situations. I am less nervous. I’m obviously still shy in some situations, but there has been an incredible improvement.
  • My voice becomes even more deeper, so much that everyone notices it all the time : my family, the people around me, etc.
  • I feel alive. Every little thing inspires me. A flower, an animal, the color of the sun… life is fascinating.

Day 100 :

  • I feel like everything is possible.

The most common mistakes:

It has been debated thousands of times, and each person has their own solutions. But I want to share with you the most common mistakes, the ones that caught my attention. These are huge mistakes, at least according to my own opinion.

First mistake: This is not a war against pornography.

You heard it right. There is no winner, no loser. It’s not a war, we do not fight against pornography. We do not fight against ourselves. It’s illogical. We do not fight against our desires. The NoFap Company is fighting porn. We do not fight porn, as addicts.

Second mistake: You can’t do it alone, you have to help and support others.

I have often seen people trying to succeed alone, but it’s impossible. We must give our time for others and support others.

– Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile. (Albert Einstein)

Third mistake : You need to implement healthy habits in your daily routine. NoFap is a new lifestyle, it’s not only about stopping an addiction.

We need to transmute our sexual energy into healthy habits. The idea is not to suppress the desire, but to redirect the sexual power to other constructive activities : your job, your studies, your hobbies, your favorite sports, etc. Meditation was, for me, one of the best ways to transmute my sexual energy.

The last words:

Before saying anything more, I want to give a huge thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all persons who supported me. I couldn’t even reach more than 1 week without ALL of you. Your comments on my profile, your thousands of like, your support in private messages… Of course, 100 days is not enough to be recovered, it will take even more time… but it’s a big milestone for me. It was my goal from the beginning.

I’m thankful for all the support I received. I’ll be grateful for it all my life.

I love you, guys. Thank you for reading me. If you’ve any questions about my story, or if you’re wondering about something concerning your own reboot, I would be happy to reply.

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Take care of yourself, guys. 2525

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