Age 18 – 50 days: I am a totally different person

50 Days!! Oof Size Large It Seems

I can’t even imagine myself at this stage, me, a 18 yr old teenager, who used to have heavy dark circles with pimples, who used to have 6 GB of Porn Videos of all categories you just name it, who used to do it 4-5 times a day and became stressed and Depressed.

Dark Phase Isn’t it? Now, I am Totally A Different Person.

  • My Skin Is Glowing and Clear.
  • My Drive Only Contains Memes Now, My Instagram Saved Posts has no Instagram Model to jerk off.
  • My Anxiety and Stress has gone away, Little is there coz of Exam Results. But You Know, Now It Doesn’t Feel That Challenging.
  • My Body Has Recovered, But Mind Is Slowly Recovering, it’s helping me to not crave about sex, girls, porn all the time, momentary urges are acceptable now etc etc.

Don’t Think Doing This You’ll Never Feel Horny xD.

It Just Increases your Consciousness at that level where you can yourself figure out what step to take next.

I think that’s the magic, that’s the way to live



by busaturmeric [this user deleted their account in June 2021]