Age 18 – 7 girls embarrassed cause I couldn’t get it up. PIED is now cured!


I just wanted to tell you guys a little about my journey through NoFap and why I started, and possibly inspire anyone who is suffering from a similar problem. I was 16 years, one month away from turning 17, when I had sex for the first time ever. I was with this Russian chick from my school.

Her Russian father was in the living room directly below us, and we were seconds away from stripping naked (Keep in mind, her dad was RUSSIAN. His name was Vladimir. He was built, had cold blue eyes, and looked like he’d kill anyone who crossed him. Her room had no lock on the door.) I was very excited and nervous to FINALLY be letting go of my virginity, but when it came down to business, my dick was not hard. It was semi-erect. It was kinda like playing pool with a rope, lol. Anyways, the LOGICAL explanation at the time was that I was nervous because of her father was downstairs. This was the first time it happened.

5 girls later and I’m still not getting it up. The girls always look so embarrassed and ask me the same questions. “Is everything okay? What’s wrong? You don’t like THIS?” Something is horribly wrong with me. Fed up and angry at my dick for not working, I go to a Doctor and ask him to run testosterone tests on me. A week later the results were in and everything looked fine. AWESOME, I think. Let’s try this again.

Girl number 6 was by far the most embarrassing one of them all. She was really cute and I really liked her. I knew the moment she left my room that I’d never see her again. Now I’m Fucking Furious. I go to a different Doctor, He tells me the testosterone tests came back fine, Then I go to a third Doctor who will be checking my blood circulation, He tells me everything is fine, and by my 5th Doctor, I decided that none of these guys could help me. What the fuck is wrong with me?

I then turned to Google and started reading up on all of the ED success stories, all of the statistics of men around the world under 40, and under 25 experiencing ED. Most men in their 50’s start experiencing ED because of testosterone problems, but why were these young men experiencing similar symptoms? Internet porn. These 50-year-old men didn’t have porn growing up, they relied on magazines and their imaginations, haha.

Anyways once I identified the problem. I stopped watching porn and I stopped jacking off. Today marks 30 days since I’ve stopped whacking it, and I have added 2 more girls to my body count whom which I haven’t encountered any problems with in the sack. Actually, Since I stopped whacking it, I’ve been able to perform ROCK HARD.

This shit is the bomb! Thank you NoFap.

LINK – 7 Girls embarrassed cause I couldn’t get it up… ED CURED!

by DirtyDeeds