Age 18 – Day 50: I’m talking to more new people, and the social awkwardness is slowly getting away


I haven’t touched my dick for 50 days, I haven’t even edged it (obviously cleaned it). So, I decided to start a journey and it has been pretty fucking awesome! So, as an 18-year-old I have tried to stop fapping (I started fapping 2 years ago) for about 4/5 months now.

I couldn’t even get past a single week for about 4 months. I just couldn’t do it. Even 3 days without fapping would be an incredible challenge.

When I started fapping, I thought it was normal. You know the drill. You search some things about fapping and come to a conclusion that it’s healthy, normal, you can sleep better, more focused and whatever the fuck they tell you. No, no, no, no, no, NO! We all believed these shitty websites just to justify fapping.

So after 2 years of straight up fapping, I felt that I was getting different. I didn’t feel how I used to feel, I didn’t act how I used to act and so on. I knew something was wrong because I was getting socially awkward. So, I tried to put a finger on it, what went wrong?

6 months ago I saw a video of a guy that was doing NoFap. He had the same issues as me so I thought that I’ve found the issue that’s pulling me backwards. After that day I started my journey with NoFap. I noticed that I couldn’t do it myself so I decided to join this subreddit a few months after.

This subreddit helped me. You guys motivated and inspirated me. I have read a lot of your stories, quotes and faillures. Thank you.

50 days ago I started my regular streak. I just completely switched off everything and I decided to dedicate my life to being a better person. And you should too.

If you’re feeling unmotivated, tired, socially awkward, unloved, unnoticed etc. start NoFap now! But I mean right now! You should go out there and change your life. Not tomorrow, NOW! If I can get 50 days without fapping, then you can get ∞ days without fapping.

How I feel right now? I’m still not not socially awkward. Which is why I’m not relapsing anytime soon. I noticed that I’m talking to more new people, and the social awkwardness is slowly getting away. But I’ll get there. I feel focused, motivated, happy, inspirated, strong etc.

This is my journey, and this is one of the best journeys of my life so far.

A new life, see you at day 90!

  • I do apologize for any typos and/or my grammar, I’m Dutch.’

LINK – My honest review about 50 days of NoFap

by DrMonty123

UPDATE – I approached a girl and she is my girlfriend now

So as I was exercising I saw a really, really cute girl doing some leg exercises using a machine and she kept drawing my attention. I just couldn’t focus on what I was doing anymore. I was just staring at her as a loser. Everytime she looked at me I quickly turned my head away.

It was so ridiculous that I even started shaking, I didn’t know what to do. Then I asked myself the question: “Should I just approach her and tell her what’s good?”. I knew that it was now or never.

As I was shaking ridiculously, I decided to walk to her and I said to myself: “This is the moment”. Shoulders back, chest up! I made eye contact and so did she, I laughed and so did she. I asked her what she was training today and she responded with: “I’m training my legs today, you?”. I actually replied “Me too!” after I actually had a chest day!

I told her that I had some amazing leg exercises and she was really impressed and wanted me to do some exercises with her. Yes that’s right, from shaking my butt off and being too scared to talk, to actually exercising with an unbelievable girl! And we actually trained for like 2 hours together!

We talked a lot and I completely fell in love with her. I gave her compliments and she started to give me some compliments back. Could you ever imagine this? She started to like me! As was like give me your number so we can train with eachother again! She gave it to me!

The next day I asked her if she wanted to train and she said yes. We trained and ate together for like 5 consecutive days! We even went to the cinema together. And this all happened in less then a week! I thought I was dreaming and could wake up any second.

She invited me to her house 2 days ago and I met her parents. I had diner at her house and we watched some movies together (we didn’t have sex).

And yesterday was D-Day for me. I invited her at my house and we did same things we did at her house but this time we had sex. I actually didn’t want to do it this early but it just happened. Several rounds of sex later (yes it was crazy) I asked her to be my girlfriend! And she said yes!

This is the most insane story I have ever experienced. How did this happen to me? Am I that lucky?

Thank you for reading this. What I wanted to tell you is that confidence is key, communication is key, approaching is key. Switch the button and just do it. If you’re scared to approach someone. Don’t be. If you just do it you won’t have any regrets. Trust me. If you don’t shoot you can’t score!

Stay focused and I hope every single one of you will hit your goals!

Have a nice day NOT fapping!