Age 18 – Dreams, smells, girlfriend and I don’t take bullshit anymore


Started pmo age 15, i’m now 18. Done nofap 3 times seriously My first streak 28 days Second streak around 60-70 days And this is my third proper streak. The first 50 days were very easy because I was so comitted to reaching 90 days,

I knew I was gonna reach it so I was waiting for the days to pass, I got used to it so I never thought about PMO, I kept my self busy.

The last week has been hectic however, I did peek a few times but luckily did not PMO. My goal is just to eliminate Masturbation for the rest of my life which I find it easier than watching Porn however, but I’ll work on that.

My benefits: The first benefit I always find out is after 2 weeks and thats that I can smell myself, It sounds weird but when I’m not on a streak I can’t really smell myself, after I reach 2 weeks I have this certain smell that comes out my body, it’s pretty fascinating.

The second benefit is dreams, when im on a streak I have several dreams daily its really cool.

Another streak is that girls do notice you more, I won’t go in depth but whenever I now go into my class everyone starts talking to me and shit im like the leader of the pack, i feel more alpha now, more and also I learnt how to not give a fuck, I legit tell people to fuck off if they try to take advantage of me in any way, I dont take bullshit anymore, these are not super powers these are just how we as males are supposed to be, pmo ruins us,

My next goal = 100 days. Also i did manage to get a gf when I was on a streak, Before I would struggle to make the first move etc now I dont care and I always make the moves, girls get quiet shocked. Its dope

any questions ? Ill answer them.  

When I first discovered it I was doing it at least 4 times a week, then it was average 1-3 times a week, I was good with girls but I never took it to the next step I was too afraid of rejection etc. Now I don’t care about being shy etc I always make the moves if I get rejected I dont care either

LINK – 90 DAYS!! Finally

By  fireflyace77