Age 18 – ED cured, more energetic & social, can’t believe how beautiful women I missed

It’s been 3 months since I pleasured myself. I feel a lot more energetic. My acne is gone. It’s easy to get out of bed now. All girls are a lot more attractive since i stopped watching porn.

I can’t believe how many beautiful women i didn’t even notice due to pornography brainwashing. I didn’t become a social animal, but it is a lot easier to talk to people now. I give out a lot more handshakes now that my hands are clean.

Erectile Dysfunction is cured. Honestly, I didn’t even notice I had ED. Now that I think about it, i could never get a quality erection back in the dark days. I’d usually lose it within a minute if i didn’t keep using my hand. Scary part about it, I was 17 at the time. I’m 18 now, and started using pmo when I was 12. As of right now, I’m an 18 year old virgin who never had a girlfriend. Last time I held a girl’s hand was in kindergarden.

Hey, at least I don’t poison myself with internet porn. I’m drug free. Junk food free. I exercise 5 days a week. I’m healthy and will no longer harm my brain with porn. No longer will I waste my nutrients on a piece of tissue paper. First attempt I got to 26. This is my second attempt. It’s all in the mind. No edging, no peeking a nsfw pics, and you’ll do fine

Made it to 90 !

by BeautifulFog


Well I’ve gone without masturbating for eight consecutive months. I feel and look better. My skin looks healthy and I have a lot of energy. No more lethargy when I wake up in the morning. I have ridiculous confidence that it’s kinda scary. You know how great it feels to say what’s on your mind.

Extreme calmness, no anxiety or fear what so ever. Studying for school is effortless. I honestly don’t understand why a person would use adderrall when there’s no fap. Reading for 4-10 straight really helps maintain an A average( although I think I screwed up on my last test).

8 months in and to my dismay, I have still not become Don Juan, let alone get a girlfriend. I’m just that 20 year old dude who never had a girlfriend. I got one girl’s phone number in the last 8 months. She was very attractive, but I think she just gave me her number just to be nice, not actually because she was attracted to me. She stop replying to my text. Although I’m a confident guy, I still feel like love wasn’t made for me . Maybe I was meant to live a lonely life. I’ve come to terms with that but I still wonder why. Is it because 5’6″ is too short?

I always feel like I have to put 100% to be in a woman’s life, but she puts 0% . That disappoints me. It also makes me not want to even try. Why bother when I get the same bs “I have a boyfriend, I’m a lesbian” type jazz. So I won’t force myself into people’s lives who don’t appreciate me. The furthest I go is the friend zone because I’m not attractive enough to be a boyfriend.

Other than that, my lifestyle been great. Won’t relapse because there’s still a lot of benefits regardless of my shortcomings with women. Although I’m alone, I’m still happy. Feel free to ask questions

My brutally honest 8 month report