Age 18 – Feeling more alive. Now I feel love, which is great. Great reduction in social anxiety. I can focus more on things that matter

It’s been a while I have gotten involved in PMO. Lost track of the days but should be over 40 days. I have forgotten about noFap but this night I remembered and will just want to give a summary of how it feels and what it takes.

Feels great..

  • Feeling more alive than I used to.
  • Now I feel love, which is great… Though she is an amazing friend of mine but I really feel I should ask her out. Last relationship I had was 6 years ago when I discovered PMO
  • Great reduction in social anxiety… I can now have short conversations with females without a panic attack
  • Am at peace
  • I can focus more on things that matter to me

Although it’s quite tough but it depends mainly on your level of charisma and determination… Had a few relapses but stood and aimed for the Goal.

Try your best use any method you feel is effective like

  • Exercise
  • Meditation e.t.c

All just to divert the energy used for masturbating.

Fight PMO, stay strong, connect to the world and be at peace.

LINK – Great improvement

by Chay20