Age 18 – Greater happiness, euphoria and energy. Increased confidence. More sociable

I’m an 18-year-old male and I’ve been PMOing since I was about 12. I first started NoFap around June 2018. My streaks usually lasted 1-2 weeks, two of them lasted around 30 days and this last one that is still going is currently at 90 days. Here I’ll talk about some of the benefits I experienced and I’ll also tell you a few tips on how I got to 90 days.


Increased confidence: This one is probably the biggest one for me. Before NoFap I was very socially anxious, especially around women. In the last 90 days talking to them was no problem. Now I am confident in any situation. I even approached some women at parties.

Increased attraction: Okay so I’ve never really had any interactions with women before NoFap, but in the last few months this changed a bit. I went on quite a few dates and I even got pretty close with one girl, but it sadly didn’t work out. + Now it actually seems that people want to talk and hang out with me.

Calmness: I’ve been feeling really calm lately. Usually I would get huge anxiety attacks before tests and dates, but now it’s almost completely gone.

Happiness, euphoria and energy: Not much to explain here. I’ve just been feeling amazing for the last few months. Life is awesome!


Go out of the house: Every time someone invites you to hang out, do it. Got nothing to do on a Friday evening? Invite some friends and go out. You just have to stay away from complete privacy as much as you can. Even a short walk outside can decrease an urge if you get one.

Meditation: This one is huge. Meditation will help you with self-control and you will be able to prevent some urges from turning into PMOing.

Cold showers: Got an urge? Take a cold shower and I assure you that it will go away.

Work out: With working out you basically put your energy into physical training instead of PMOing. Helps a lot.

Physical tracker: This one was probably the biggest one for me. I drew a physical 90-day tracker on the back side of my journal. I don’t know why, but it really helped me to get through some of my hard days.

I can’t believe I’m actually here. 90 days! 3 goddamn months! And I’m not planning to stop anytime soon. Stay strong!!

LINK – 90 days! Here’s what happened

by echoofadistanttime