Age 18 – I feel like I’m a man now. I’ve killed a genuine behavioral addiction that plagued me for six years.

So yesterday marked 100 days on NoFap. I think that doing this was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life so far.

I was first exposed to pornography at the age of eleven, and was completely lost to it until around about fourteen, when I read an article about how damaging it really is to young men. I tried for three years to stop, with varying degrees of success, but it never lasted. I think the longest streak I had before my current one was eleven days.

I remember reading a blog post by a guy who shares my first name, and whose story sounded rather like mine. He was seventeen when he wrote that he’d finally conquered his addiction, and it’s surreal to look back at the age of seventeen and say I’m in the same place.

I’ll be honest about NoFap.

Life without PMO is better. I haven’t found it to be miracle-working. I haven’t become super confident, or attractive to girls. NoFap, in my opinion, is as much about mentality as about physically not masturbating. Since leaving it behind me, I feel cleaner. My bin is no longer full of tissues. I’m not worried about anyone looking in my search history.

Once I was two weeks free, I found it got pretty easy. I didn’t think about it anymore. I found that if I just replace the times when I’d normally whack off with something else, make it routine and avoid triggers all other times, it’s very doable. Trust me, I fought a losing battle with porn for half of my teenage life and it wasn’t until I did this that I started to see success. Never let yourself do nothing.

I feel like I’m a man now. I’m almost eighteen, and I’ve killed a genuine behavioral addiction that plagued me for six years. I’ve never had a girlfriend, but with my eyes set forward and my mind free, I’ll be ready if life leads me to one. I’m super proud to be part of the 1%.

I spent so long trying and failing to stop, I relapsed countless times, but the day came when I lost to my urges for the last time. That day was 101 days ago. Every single one of you who’s still where I was can be where I am now. I look at this community as my brothers. Keep fighting the good fight.

LINK – My Story and NoFap – 100 Days (Slightly late)

by phataussiemozzie