Age 18 – I had a date today!

I’m 18. I mainly quit porn thanks to my social awkwardness. i.e I either couldn’t think of something to say or I couldn’t bring myself to say it. Quitting porn was just one of the ways I tried to overcome this. The main benefit is that it enabled me to improve my life in other ways too, not just through quitting PMO.

Wow I don’t know how I got into this situation, a few days ago I was just studying when a mutual friend hit me up saying another girl found me attractive. It was so out of the blue but a welcome surprise. One thing leads to another and it ended up with having a date today.

What can I say but it was the best date I’ve ever had. Sure there were moments here and there which were filled with silences, and she did call me shy and weird (in a friendly manner), but overall it was great. The date ended petting a dog, getting my right ear pierced and hug to end the date, pretty sure I can say that’s not a common thing but damn did it feel right. She said she had a great time and we’re probably going out again.

I just wanted to thank you all for the motivation and support I’ve received to get into this point. I definitely feel more confident than I used to, and my mindset has changed so it was much easier to talk to her.

You guys can do it too, I may just be on 14 days but I have only lost about 8 times this whole year. Keep trying, I believe in you guys!

LINK – I had a date today!

By BoredToDeath674