Age 18 – I’m happy with myself now; I’m feeling so good

My journey started before 2 years ago. So you might wonder about my slow progress. Though it was slow, I’m 18, I have nothing to lose and all I have is to gain things. Don’t worry about your age, you can still do all your works while on the challenge. Take your time building belief and faith.

Before 2 years, I didn’t even realize the need for NoFap, in fact didn’t realize I was an addict. When I realized it I was so sad. I used to score top position in exam but what happened? fapping fucked it all. I was depressed. I was Zombified. Didn’t have any friend and any kinda feelings. Still I don’t have that much friends but I do call class mates as friends, don’t know if they’re true. I started to develop bad sleeping habits, became so lazy, ruined my health, confidence, good habits, relationships  (Developed an anger driven personality) and what’s more worse than this can happen to a teenager right?

But now after 30 days, I’m happy, I’m feeling alive, doing most of the things I want to complete, following my Routine with no breaks. I used to worry about my PE problem but now I don’t even worry a bit. MY PE problem got cured on a previous trial on which I had 22. At the time when I was fapping after 22 days I noticed my time. I guess it’s created when you fap a lot.

And in real business, I’m 18, so I’m too young to have *** so I’m not sure. But my time improved. I think it’s because fapping is done by ourselves and we’re focusing on ejaculating that might be the reason why PE is…… . I only watched 8 porn videos so far. So I’m not sure if porn could cause PE but I heard it causes PE. So I’m not the one to clear your doubt regarding that but I heard from a more experienced fastrounut that NoFap can cure PE. If you have more and more doubts consider consulting a sex therapist or an expert. I didn’t have the right situation to meet one so I decided to NoFap. I guess this reason will clear your doubt.

At least I’m happy with myself now. I’m not even worrying a bit about PE now. But at the beginning I was afraid to continue NoFap because of some guys supporting “fapping can cure PE “. I was constantly worrying about this thing. But when I put my time into building faith and belief, I’m alright now.

I’m feeling so good. I’m really exited to see myself after 90 days.


What I reminded myself at the hard times: I can’t fail anymore, already failed over a hundred times. I’m not going to hang my head someday. I want to live my life to the best. I can’t fail.

I also listened to a lot songs and learned lyrics of some of the motivating and sad songs. Don’t ask why sad songs, they’ll remind you with your past flaws, failures. Sad songs can make you realise how strong you are.

In the end I want to say this: if you guys really want to quit. Be strong. Strongest will survive. Strength is built through failures. Endure the hard times. The lessons I learned that helped me to come this far is from my hard experiences.
Endure the pressure till you suffocate.



It has been a month since I last fapped. At the beginning of this trial, I struggled with strong urges. In the past trials, I’d resist them to the point I can’t take any more of the strong urges and then I’d fall into doing M. But on the present trial, at first, strong urges would come and, I, right at the moment when these urges just start to come, leave bathroom. There’s a trick to do this, enter bathroom to take bath only when you have to go to somewhere. And on other times, if you want to get fresh, do what muslims do before performing Namaz, wash you face, wet your hair, wash your arms and hands, and then last your foot. Or, you enter bathroom wearing a trouser( shorts), use a towel to wet your body. I’m not sure if it has got something to do with your common sense or religious sense, but it did work for me. For around 2 weeks, I was following this trick to escape. After that 2 weeks, I completely lost my sense( in a way) to know urges, simply, I haven’t had any urges after 2 weeks. If some ever popped up, only small. This was the pattern of appearance and disappearance of urges that repeated till now. This pattern of appearance of urges is mine. Your pattern might differ from mine, so identify that pattern, it’s important to create a strategy. Coming back to my streak, on the second week, I noticed a small surge in motivation but they weren’t powerful enough to keep me on working for a lot of time.

Before going further, let me tell you guys how I started this trial.

A little history from the past trials: before this I’d had a 22 day streak failed trial which was followed by a binge week. A single binge week is enough to destroy the progress you’ve made so far. I can’t exactly say it was a binge week but I did three times that single week and to me it was beyond an insane experience. The next trial failed after a week and the next too failed after 10 days I guess. Before beginning this trial, I decided to improve my English, planned to complete 3 books. I was a kinda guy who reads 1 book a day or 1 book every 3 days. Fapping destroyed my productivity for 1000000…..% sure. Before the present trial, I planned to read a ton amount of books but it all failed because, you guys know the answer, motivation was so low, binge-sleeping, a lot of time got wasted this way. Because of these I decided to do less works for one month. That’s why I decided to read 3 books. So the my daily routine was like; read some pages, finish daily language lessons and homework from the online course then finally attend computer class. Remainder of the times, I spent with my friend. Lucky me, I have a crazy talkative interesting friend with whom I spent most of the day talking about our things. He would come to me at whenever I’m free, that means I didn’t have free time to fap.

I’m an introverted kinda personality and he’s the opposite. So when you look at us you’d wonder about the law of attraction, it attracts! Now I’m kinda becoming “ambivert”. So this way, I organized my day like giving some time to relationship, reading, completing lessons. And If you say I’m lucky to have an environment like this, you’re wrong. I intentionally created this environment, I joined the course, joined computer class, I gave myself limited time to be alone, and because I know my guy’s an extrovert, this guy actually comes to me to discuss anime and games( most of the time he’s not interested in going out to talk and because his mom won’t allow a lot of time to use his phone he comes to my house to watch animes) which I really don’t like to talk about though I once loved watching it and playing games, I’d insist him to go out together to someplace. Now the guy’s a little changed. His interest in animes has started to drop. At first, I would do what my guy does but now I’ve learned to insist him to go out together(we’re not gays) (learn to say no!). I told him one day that I don’t have any interest in this shallow things and I reminded him the thing that we both should be giving the top priority.

With the environment formed, It did more effort to keep myself on track than I did. All I had was the initiative. So I was busy creating happiness.

Another villain I had to take care of was my oversleep. Almost all of the efforts were done by PMO to create this fucking productivity killer habit. All I did to discipline this habit was this one thing; identified how many hours of sleep I need, 6 hrs. So I’d sleep at 5 or 4 in the morning and wake up at 7 or at 6. Then after 1 I’d sleep for 4 hours. I’m more active in night time and more importantly, no one will interrupt your work. Still I follows the same. Only six hours. It’s fine for me if l slept early. Aim is to sleep no more than 6 hours. Then complete all the works when I’m awake. This way I don’t have to worry about wasting time sleeping. To create this productivity builder habit most of the efforts were done by NoFap.


By Zack-k38