Age 18 – I’m not a social outcast like I used to be, PIED gone

You have to really find a reason to why you want to quit pmo. You cant just tell yourself i want to quit, there must be a true reason so when you feel your about to relapse you can think about the reason you started nofap in the first place.

around mid way through my reboot i had a confidence boost and now i’m not a social outcast like i use to be. pmo just became so taboo to me that when i hear people talk about porn i cringe. YOU CAN DO IT. My reason; i have pied. find yours.

[Benefits?] Confidence and pied is gone…but the longer I stay away the better! [Also] i use to get these doomed feelings with a tingle on my head and neck with a lighthead feeling when around people especially chicks. lmaooo. its gone now and im more relaxed.

im 18

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By whitetrihard