Age 18 – These days I’m in a great mood all the time

To have achieved this level in the pornfree lifestyle is a wonderful feeling!

Life has it’s ‘ups’ and ‘downs’, and I can quite honestly say that I was ‘up’ the majority of the last 6 months. These days I’m in a great mood all the time. I feel like a king. I feel like I can do anything I set my focus on. I feel elated when I’m putting away laundry! I’m sure this all had to do with brain chemistry being rebalanced.

Many self improvement gains were made in the last 180 days and I’m excited to make 2019 my first pornfree year since 2010!

18yrs. Stopped m for the first 70 days then once a week. After I said I was done with porn, I never had a major urge again. That may seem far fetched but I attribute that to a deep mental shift and going to boot camp the next day helps to keep your mind off things lol. After I got out I found it really easy to maintain being pornfree, because I have a burning desire not to mess up this new chapter in my life, to leave the old me dead in the past.

The internet brought me porn at an early age, but it also helps to beat it! Truly a double edged sword.

See you at 300,


LINK – 180 into the lifestyle

By jmanxtreem