Age 18 – Told a girl I like her

I am a pretty shy person and to tell a girl I like her is almost impossible to me

Since 18 years I’ve never really told a girl I like her and wasting opportunities and when you fap everyday you loose interest in girls as you know

I’ve done my biggest streak so far ( 43 days ) in recent days and told I girl I am interested in her and that I find her attractive and she told me that she was thinking the same

It may seems nothing but for me just the symbolic of saying to a girl is huge and I think no fap has really help me .

I also went from no sport before my streak ( almost no sport ) to run my first 19 miles / 30 km yesterday .

I actually planned to participate to a marathon this summer and no fap really does give me that extra energy .

Thank you guys for all your posts that kept me motivated. Looking forward to my 60 days 👍

Sorry English not my main

Every one experience the no fap in a different way but for me the benefits are :

  • More energy
  • You enjoy more the little things ( it’s due to the hypersensibilization of dopamine & co receptors that you highly stimulate during the fap ) These 2 are the main benefits in terms of physiological

In a more spiritual way

  • More self esteem
  • The fact you don’t fap let you no other choice but to try to speak to someone ( jump in the ocean and you’ll experience skills you didnt even considered before )

Nofap does make look you more dynamic that is for sure because you have got extra energy

About the speaking issue , dont worry you just gotta practice I think that’s just a skill you have to developp and maybe nofap will help you and boost you but remember that it’s practice mainly one’s born a good speaker !

LINK – Told a girl I like her

By D0umex