Age 18 – turned down 3 girls … before nofap I couldn’t get even a single one

I failed multiple times … I had streaks of 27 , 3 , 23 and 14 before I said enough is enough , it’s either me getting to 90 days or me dying …. And now I can say I FREAKING DID IT !!!!! …

Thank you so much …. I’m 18 …. Mainly , fapping was affecting my day to day life … I had brain fog too .. I wasn’t as sharp as I would like … Yea , tbh , I experienced all the mentioned benefits at some point in my journey … I probably got used to them now.

And honestly I turned down 3 girls on the way … With the recent one just yesterday ….before nofap I couldn’t get even a single one haha … I don’t like random hookups anymore

I experienced morning wood … And as for withdrawal symptoms , I don’t think there was anything like that except the urges maybe. I don’t think I suffered from PIED

Yes , couple of [wet dreams] … One when I was on day 3 and the other around 76

LINK – I finally did it 90/90 !

By AnythingIsPossible18