Age 19 – A lot more female attraction, Greater confidence, Better skin & eyes, Grades are up, More energy


90 days can’t believe it amaaazing! (English is not my main language, if you find mistakes). A bit of my story: I have been fapping daily since I was 12-13, like 1-3 times a day (I’m 19 now).

Over the total of 90 days I had 0 relapses, which I’m fucking proud of. I had 2 wet dreams though. Over the past 90 days, I felt ups and downs, but mostly ups! The urges were fucking huge, in the first 2 weeks, but I managed it. Did I feel the “Superpowers” Fuck yeah!

  • Female attraction, got a lot of that. (Even turned down sexual offers) I have never been ugly, just very bad confidence) I’m actually going out for a try out, to become a model. Never thought that was going to happen;)
  • Better skin (acne gone), very shiny blue eyes, people fucking love them
  • I got a lot of confidence now, people always want to be around me for some reason.
  • A lot of self control (Got my grades up, doing my homework)
  • ENERGY!! I work out a lot now, and eating healthy
  • I quitted weed, but I still smoke cigarettes

I think nofap, helps you if you put the effort in to change your old lifestyle. If you don’t, u won’t feel the “superpowers” Like I told this was just a bit of my story, you can ask questions if you want, and I will go further in details 😉

Stay strong brothers.


by YoungSiimba22