Age 19 – After 90 days, slowly recovering from PIED, fetishes, depression and anxiety

I’m 19, have issues with PIED, HOCD, Porn induced fetishes, Depression, Anxiety and all that fun stuff. Before reaching 90 days now, my highest was 15 days.

Firstly, I have three practical pieces of advice for beating the addiction

  1. Try to avoid the room that you masturbate or watch porn in. I have been at uni for 86 if the 90 days of NoFap and I believe that has helped a lot as I have been in a different room to the one I have been masturbating in for past few years

  2. Learn as much about the addiction and NoFap as possible, the more you know about the negativity effects of porn, the more you will not want to relapse.

  3. limit or don’t drink alcohol and limit or don’t smoke marijuana, doing that seemed to slow the process. Also, get a good sleeping pattern, when I was in a good sleeping pattern was when i was recovering the quickest and if you go gym it also seems to help a bit as well.

Now here’s the benefits:

  1. Around Day 30 I would incredible rushes of energy

  2. More vivid dreams

  3. Around day 80-87, I got my original sexuality back and could get aroused just imagining a women. However that was reversed after a lot of drinking and a lack of sleep.

  4. My social skills have gotten much better

  5. My confidence has increased a lot but isn’t perfect

  6. You get a little bit stronger naturally after a couple weeks.

  7. Will power is a bit better

  8. More creative thinking and higher intelligence

  9. Morning wood started coming back around day 40/50 and has been on and off ever since. However I am getting morning wood more often

  10. There are so many little things I can’t put them all into one list but it is very worth it. I recommend everyone does NoFap.

The negatives:

  1. Drinking alcohol seemed to always set me back.

  2. As my PIED is severe I haven’t overcome it yet. But I have seen improvements.

  3. This may be unique to me but I got wet dreams over me watching porn a lot and sleep paralysis where I would just here a women moaning and couldn’t get out of it.

  4. Some days are better than others, when you have a day where you see little progress it can be discouraging but you gotta push through it.

  5. Although I am better at talking to women as friends, I haven’t had the NoFap attraction but I did used to see it if I stopped for about 4 days during the 7 years before I would eventually relapse.

Overall, all the issues at the start have decreased at least a little bit, with my anxiety being reduced being the one that has improved the most. If you have any question feel free to ask.

LINK – I reached 90 days for the first time in 7 years and here’s my summary.

By – SmokeyAwesome