Age 19 – Better concentration, More energy. Social Anxiety gone. Weird Health Problems Disappeared.


I started NoFap back in June, after reading and knowing about it more and more, I wanted to try it out and see if it makes any difference to me. I was in a very poor state back then, you can read about them in my journal here – (…i-will-win-it-battle-by-battle-journal.180624).

Anyway, at first I did not feel much difference, but most of the benefits came to the front when I started college around the last week of July.


1. More Concentration:
Earlier before starting out on NoFap, I had very poor concentration. I would not be able to focus on my studies for more than 15 minutes without getting distracted by social media, some other thoughts etc. I would forget things easily and generally had a very poor idea of things and overall understanding. I had tremendous brain fog. All of it has improved a lot to the point that I can now concentrate for 1-2 hours on things if I need to.

2. More Energy:
One of the reasons for me to start NoFap was the general overall fatigue that I experienced all the time. Even if I would sleep adequately at night, I would still feel tired and sleepy the next day. I would feel weird type of pain in my hands and legs, the kind that happens just after masturbating. All of that has gone now

3. Better Routine and Sleep:
Along with PMO, I had a really poor routine, where I would sleep very late at night, miss breakfast next day, and generally feel terrible the whole day, eventually, fall asleep in the afternoon and then surprisingly feeling energetic at night after dinner. I then decided to sleep at 10 PM and try to wake up at 5 AM, and you cannot believe the nice sleep and the energetic feeling that I get every morning. Initially, it was difficult, but I have managed to stick to this new routine for 15 days now, and it has worked miracles for me. I feel like I have got an unfair headstart to the day!

4. Social Anxiety gone!:
All through my college and school life, I had not been active much socially. Also, all through my school and college life, I had been active on PMO! So anyway, I was always conscious about my appearance and my abilities to hold social relationships like friendship, mentor relationships, romantic relationships etc. The situation got so bad that in my senior year of school, a girl desperately wanted to be in a relationship, but I got so nervous and self-conscious that I did not respond to her properly and eventually she lost all interest in me. My friendships were not too great either and I thought I was a burden on my friends, all they too will eventually get rid of me someday.

But the biggest shock came on my Birthday when 15 friends of mine, came to my college housing and wished me at midnight, that is when I realised that I have very good friends, who care for me a lot. This may not be huge for others, but for a person holed up inside his room on his birthdays previously, this is a huge deal. Ever since that time, I got a huge boost of social energy and self-confidence. Coupled with NoFap, I am now able to confidently strike a conversation with anyone, even women! I maintain constant eye contact, which even makes a few people nervous when talking to me! WOW! I walk confidently and am able to assert myself in front of others. Now people think twice before talking shit to me. They know, it won’t be all fun and jokes anymore.

5. Weird Health Problems Disappeared:
Around March last year, I suffered from hair loss in patches. That is also the time when I started feeling a ringing sound in my ears (tinnitus). Also, my balls always remained too close to my body and the size of my flaccid dick was also very small. Not only that, I also had a huge acne problem, stretching to my shoulders.

All these problems have almost disappeared now. Tinnitus is down to 20% of what it was before. Hair has grown back (although I took zinc supplements, as prescribed by the doctor), the acne have all disappeared from my face and shoulders. My skin feels much softer and tender now.

6. Weight loss has accelerated:
Now coupled with NoFap, I started eating healthy, cutting down on sugar intake and caffeine. I also started doing intermittent fasting in order to boost my metabolism and it has helped me a lot. I have lost around 7 kilograms and hope to lose more in the coming months.


I will have to say that I did not face many challenges as I always tried to keep myself busy so as to not indulge in porn when bored. I regularly checked NoFap, kept myself motivated and became active on YBOP and

But the biggest challenge that I faced was starting NoFap while in a flatline and continuing for 50 days. Around 50th day, I started getting boners in the morning. My balls hung lower and felt bigger and much more fuller. I have also started getting random boners now and am generally feeling much more pumped up sexually. The size of my flaccid dick has increased to around 3 inches and my erect dick now touches 6 inches. This is a huge improvement because, at the time of starting NoFap, I was suffering from a limp dick, which would lose it hardness immediately if not exposed to porn.

I am glad to have such a supportive community here and would especially like to thank @MoonShot @JohnDK @spacecadet @silentsinner and all other guys who kept on checking on me and motivating me. I am really sorry to all those who helped me and I could not thank you personally, I have gotten very busy now after starting off of the semester and get very less time to come here on NoFap. But all your love and support is really appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Edit on 26 Aug 2018 at 69 Days -I am sorry all, I relapsed today. Just got a bit excited today, had free time and decided to peek a bit and it all led to a relapse. Hoping to bounce back again

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