Age 19 – Decreased social anxiety, Greater confidence, Increased focus, Deeper Voice

As the title says, I just finished my 90 days of no masturbation, no pornography, and no orgasms (except for wet dreams of course). This is gonna be a somewhat long post so I’ll split it into sections:


Some benefits I experienced:

– Deeper Voice

– Less Anxiety + generally not caring about trivial things as much

– More Confidence

– Increased Focus (less sexualizing of women, however)

Outside of these, I didn’t notice any real benefits from simply not masturbating, however; as a result of no fap, I ended up taking better care of my body and my mind.

Some changes I experienced:

– Brighter teeth

– Clearer Skin

– More Fit

– Less Social Anxiety + way more talkative


I could go on and on about more minor benefits, but the big takeaway here is that no fap is merely a stepping stone for you to reach your full potential. You have to make many of the changes you want to see happen yourself, but no fap does make it easier to get started. I am still a ways away from some of my personal goals, but I truly believe I will achieve them. Compared to who I was 90 days ago, I’m a very different person who’s focused more on himself and less on others.


The biggest reassurance for me whenever I had massive urges was that all I had to do to stay on track was not touch my dick. It sounds simple, but when you tell yourself that, you give yourself the confidence that you can make it through this journey. Another piece of advice is accepting who you are at the moment and the flaws that you want to change. If you don’t acknowledge yourself, you won’t be able to get anywhere. Furthermore, get outside of your comfort zone, it’s the only way you’re gonna grow. Before no fap, I used to see failure and rejection as painful experiences; however, now I see them as moments of growth and maturity. If you can adopt a similar mindset, life will become exponentially more enjoyable (trust me).


After completing 90 days of hard mode, I’ll be switching to “normal” mode (no fapping + no porn, but sex is okay). To be honest, it was hard to stop myself from engaging in potentially sexual encounters simply because I had such a greater desire to talk to women I was attracted to. However, I plan on staying on no fap for the rest of my life. I’ll probably browse this sub less often from now on, but feel free to message me if you have any questions or thoughts of your own.

Good Luck!

LINK – 90 Hard Mode Complete + My Benefits and Thoughts on No Fap (19/M)

by Not_Aech