Age 19 – Even an average girl is so damn beautiful, feeling stronger

I know it’s been a while since I wrote an update, but I would like to share this achievement of mine to motivate others, I can’t believe it’s been more than a month since I did PMO, It’s incredible just to think about it, last time I hit this streak was years ago, I think back in 2017.

Benefits so far:
– This is weird, but I look at girls differently, like I see an average girl so damn beautiful.
– My emotions and feelings got a lot stronger.
– I started to really love myself, more confident, and I was able to handle hard situations more professionally.
– I lost around 3kg
– I’ve seen improvements in my social life, I go out of the house more often, I’m sure this will improve even further if I stayed clean another month or two.

Setbacks & Side-effects:
– at Day 23 I’m not sure, I think between 23-25, I got really intense pain in the area between my balls and legs, I couldn’t lift my right leg more than a few inches, I felt like I was heavy like I needed something to clear out lmao, I told myself it’s my brain tricking me into PMO, and I was right, two days later, I’m fully recovered.
– At Day 32, I started getting urges, but nothing to worry about, I feel like I’m more able to handle urges than I used too.
– Minor depression sings. (Maybe my brain is used to PMO and making me feel depressed sometimes?)

I still have a looong way, and this is only the beginning.
I’ll update you guys at my next goal, (60 Days), hopefully, I’ll achieve that by the end of September, and hopefully I’ll make it.

Thank you for reading, and good luck to all!

LINK – Free of PMO for +30 Days after years of trying.

by NewGeneration