Age 19 – From PIED to successful sex!


Successful sex, nofap is curing my PIED!! My backstory: Like most of you, I’m sure, my middle and high school years were filled with way too much PMO accompanied with lots of social anxiety, self doubt, and depression hit hard when my PMO got especially bad. At my worst points I would spend 2+ hours a day on PMO average. Despite being football captain, pretty good student etc.

I had horrible self esteem.

I discovered nofap around my sophomore year of high school, and have had on and off streaks since then. Sometimes I would have consistent 20-40 day streaks, sometimes 50, and sometimes I would forget about nofap altogether for a few months and PMO my brains out. Since then, a handful of girls have come and gone, and I have had horrible erectile dysfunction with each one.

Nearly every time I got in the sack with a girl I couldn’t get it up, and the “why is it not getting hard” anxiety made it even worse, turning it into a vicious cycle–I couldn’t get it up because I was nervous, and not getting it up made me even more nervous.

The important part: I am in the middle of my first year of college, currently on winter break. While back home for break an ex-girlfriend from high school texted me again and we decided to hang out. We hit it off well, one thing led to another and we had sex, my functioning penis and all lol.

Erections we probably only 70% quality and they came and went, but it was a huge step in the right direction and an amazing experience, all thanks to ditching my porn addiction.

Anyway, the journey of quitting porn has improved my life tenfold and I cannot thank everyone on nofap enough for being such a supportive community for a topic that is considered so taboo.

Good luck on everyone’s journeys, never thought my success story would come to fruition but it did!

Tl;dr Back from college on break, had successful sex, nofap is curing my PIED!!

I’m 19, and yes tons of other benefits. It’s incredible how easy socializing becomes, and how every day activities such as studying, reading and eating healthy start to feel so much less like a burden and more like an easy task.

I plan on never returning to porn; of course relapses do happen but once you get a taste of how life should be you never wanna go back

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By amb56