Age 19 – I could try to explain all the benefits I’ve got from No PMO, but list is too long

I wanted to write down my full journey with Nofap, how it started and how I was slowly progressing. But I think its boring and nobody really wants to read very long posts.  You are here because you want to know if it’s really working, don’t you?

Well, maybe I won’t say anything that will surprise you but it IS WORKING.

I could try to explain all the benefits I’ve got from No PMO, but this list is just too long, and I would surely miss something. There are so many little changes which all together make me a different person. I still get urges, I still get angry, and I still experience over thinking and some kind of anxiety. But I’m aware of all of this stuff going down in my head and I know I can change it.

Thanks to 118 days of NoPMO I’m able to see life how it really is.  Every day is a new journey and a new challenge. Each day I’m getting better, each day I’m learning something new about myself. I’m able to live and be happy and excited with little things.

In brief: my self confidence went up like crazy, my relations with others are significantly better (and I’m sure you want to know that, MOST of the girls I speak with seem to be really attracted, around day 90 I found out that I have at least two crazy fangirls in my school haha), my hair, eyes and eyebrows look much better than they used to, every problem has become a CHALLENGE since Ive managed to beat my addiction. I have a need to do productive and awesome things and to cut off all the stuff that is bad for me. It comes naturally. Before nofap I was low-key depressed, scared of changes and interactions with people.

Now I feel like there is a fuc*#ng fire inside of me. I’m ready for any new challenge and I’m hungry for new experiences. I found it, I found myself in the depths of sadness and emotional trauma, all I had to do was to join this awesome community and start fighting.

Don’t let your life pass you by. The decision is always up to you.

Special thanks to buddy who is always there and who kept me(and many other people here) motivated and focused in the beginning of my journey – @Mysteryball Thats for you.

LINK –118 days and counting – GO FOR IT

by Skielr