Age 19 – I Finally Orgasmed During Sex

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I finally did it. For our whole relationship (5 years), I had never orgasmed inside my girlfriend. On my 7th day of NoFap, I was so sensitive and so horny that it happened. If you want it and you stick to it. It will happen.

I cant wait to see what the rest of NoFap has in store for me 🙂 Thank you everyone for supporting me and each other. We are doing this together.

I started NoFap in 2016 when I realised my sexual problems were because of porn. Since then I have been on and off NoFap, never reached past 7 days. I never really stuck to it. Over time I reduced my porn  screentime to a few times a week instead of everyday, so I was slowly recovering, but not properly.

I started my streak on Christmas day after being honest with my partner about not sticking to NoFap. Since then I have been meditating using Headspace and using Brainbuddy to help guide me through each day. I also look on the reddit NoFap thread in the time I used to scroll through Facebook.

Im 19 (almost 20) and have been watching porn since I was 13. I havent experienced many other benefits yet, just more sensitivity during sex and a general improved outlook on life. I am also more passionate.

Good luck with your journey, mine has only begun.

LINK – I Finally Orgasmed During Sex

By HutchyYT