Age 19 – I have more control over my emotions. Less depression, anxiety & brain fog. More patience

So I have not pm in 60 days; however, I have O with a partner a few times throughout my streak, either bj, handjob, or just dry humping. Maybe 4-5 times….Some people say if you O that’s a restart to your timer, is this true?? I never felt like I should… but if thats the case does this mean I have to restart my counter??
I have seen alot of benefits in nofap.

  • I have more time to do what i want
  • I have more control over my emotions
  • Less depression and anxiety
  • Less and less brain fog
  • More patience

Those are just few of them.

I have been in a flatline since day 28, my dick is pretty much lifeless, and only get morning woods or wake up in the middle of a night with a boner, but don’t get them throughout the day though. One day I got a random boner in class and one later that day, but that is the most I’ve had in one day. How long do you think this flatline would take??

I do suffer from ED and PE. I know these will take time to heal if they haven’t already, however what can i do to fight these besides from nofap?

I do kegels and try to eat happy, don’t work out but I’m try to get into a routine

-Can I keep my 60 day streak??
-How long do you think flatline will last??
-What are ways to fight ED and PE??

LINK – Day 60 and some questions

by idek123