Age 19 – Increased concentration, Sharper mind. Decreased social anxiety: I can look at everyone at the eyes without being uncomfortable


This will probably be a long story, so sit down, relax and enjoy the ride. My porn addiction started when I was around 11 years old, there was a locked channel that I became very curious to know what it was hiding and started trying different passwords, after a while 1111 and boom it was Porn.

From that moment, I wanted to see more and more of it and got hooked, then came high speed internet P, which was even more addictive. Fast forward to when my 17 year old self realized that I was actually addicted to it and my NoFap journey began.

I’ve started noFap 18 months ago and I’ve had some very good streaks, but I’ve never achieved more than 90 days, but never quit and stuck to it. During this time I’ve learnt a lot of valuable things about life and have a complete different opinion about women and life in general. This was also my 2018 new year’s resolution.

Some of the noFap benefits I’ve experienced are:

  • More free time: No more surfing for endless periods of time to find the perfect scene.
  • Increased concentration: Sharper mind and the ability to focus a lot more when studying.
  • Decreased social anxiety: I can basically look at everyone at the eyes without being uncomfortable.
  • Women attraction: Yeah, you probably guessed it, but I don’t have any crazy stories as some here have.

These benefits are very noticeable during the first weeks, but after a while you don’t notice them as much even though they don’t disappear.

What I believe has helped me during this time is setting a limit to browsing in social media and avoiding triggering material at all costs. At first I set my limit to 35 mins for every app and I’m currently at 25 mins per app. The app I’ve used is called Quality Time and has proven very useful indeed.I’ve had 3 wet dreams, but not NSFW dreams (can’t find the right word to call it) and I haven’t felt any different the next day.

Urges have been very strong around the second month and seem to have decreased to around once or twice a week and are not nearly as strong. I want to thank everyone on the NoFap community that has motivated my during this time and wish them all the best.

Edit: One of my favorite quotes: “It ain’t about how hard you hit it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward!” – Rocky Balboa.

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by AlbanianDudee