Age 19 – Increased zest and confidence, expressing my emotions


Changes? Increased zest for life, confidence ( you stand up for yourself now) you get more things done, you’re way less awkward in social situations, did I mention confidence? You’re more self constructive, independent, you express emotions rather than bottle them up, you actually get to a point where you ever wondered why pmoed coz it’s honestly useless and you watch out for yourself

I hated my life so I quit. I used to act like I was cool coz ‘ I got laid ‘ but in reality I wasn’t I was just pmoing. So on the 12 of June at midnight I told myself this would be my last fap, went to the sites and felt everything I had expected, emptiness. I admitted there and then that I actually hate this, and worked every day “let me listen to things that I actually want.”

I got rid of my narcissist friend and any other relationship that cut my confidence, got off social media (still off) and simplified everything.

My main goal was simple, to love myself again. So I would take long walk talking to myself, make music expressing every single emotion I felt  made some good ones maybe you can take a listen) and after three weeks I actually felt better about myself.

Now I’m actually living my life on my terms and I don’t mind opinions, as long as I know I’m doing what’s best for myself and the majority as well.

I’m 19 now.

Thank you for support

LINK – 90 days

By Teozee