Age 19 – I’ve built an aura that attracts anyone: friends, males and females

Talking about self-confidence, I can only say that I passed from being a jerk and a nerd, with an ugly haircut and a lot of fat, to be a muscular guy, with a nice haircut that can also talk to anyone, anywhere.
I don’t feel the anxiety of talking to strangers anymore and I also don’t need to think about the best words to say. They just come naturally out of my mouth.
I built an aura around me that attracts anyone: friends, males and females.

Talking about self-consciousness, now I know how much time I waste and how to use it well.
I also deleted my brain fog and I am aware all the time.

This morning I felt very productive.
I took a shower, had a healthy breakfast, and studies from 9 to 13.
I also drank 2 litres of water, had my skincare done and tidied up my room.

I can’t remember exactly when I felt the benefits. It depends on how much you work hard to change yourself, every single day.
The triggers are still present today, but I managed to block all porn sites, social, and distracting website along the path.
Now even If I am triggered, I do some pushups and it passes.

To not get triggered you shouldn’t drink caffeine, you should work out every day and sleep at least 8 hours.
You need to have a healthy lifestyle, to sum it up. You shouldn’t focus on how much does it need to reach a benefit.
Just stick with the retention, build new healthy habits every day and work on yourself.
Benefits will surely come.
If you pass every hour on your smartphone, never go out and don’t even read, your brain fog will decrease reeeeally slow.

Today I learnt that even if sometimes we fall, the most important thing is that we don’t desperate, but just get up and continue walking, continue trying.
That’s because every little mistake we do is a piece of armour we add to our body.
Only after lots of mistakes, we will have a shiny armour to face the real problems of our lives.

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By Αλέξανδρος