Age 19 – Just got my first kiss thanks to NoFap!


Just a little back story, im a 19 year old guy that’s a freshman in college. I have never had a girlfriend or anything close due to the fact that I was addicted to porn pretty bad for all of high school. This led to a lot of social awkwardness and depression, (thinking im not good enough to deserve a girl.) BUT NOT ANYMORE!

A couple nights ago this girl I have been kinda talking to since first semester asked me to come over and help her pack up since she is switching schools. I just kinda laid on her bed after helping, and get this, I actually had the balls to playfully tell her that I wasn’t moving, and that she was gunna have to force me off. Well next thing I know she was laying right on top of me, a few minutes go by and she just gives me a random kiss on the chin, Right then I just asked to return the favor…. And went straight for the lips…. BAM!!!

Afterwards she said that my confidence and my humor was through the roof and that’s why I got it!!!

I just wanted to say thanks because I really owe it all to this amazing community, although I have had streaks in the past this is the one I go all the way! Thankyou again for the support you show me, and to one another. You people are truly changing lives for the better!!!

Edit: I realize my day counter didn’t show up by my name. I am on a 22 day hard mode streak. I almost made it to 90 but rebooted right before the new year. My actual streak as of now is 22 days (started right on the 1st of January.) I am going hard mode! After 6 years of throwing my life away, I figured if I was going to do it, I was going to do it right!

All through high school no girls were attracted to me, because I lacked so much confidence in myself and always just assumed porn was just better. But since starting NoFap a while ago, I have noticed that I am getting more muscle, my acne is clearing up, along with many other health benefits. My drive to be more confident is amazing. I honestly do think girls can just sense that in a guy. But it is up to you to make those changes!!

LINK – I just had my first kiss, thanks to NoFap!

By Little_Spooky27