Age 19 – Withdrawal was shit. Now my face looks better, more energy, happier again

Woohho I’ve made it so far without the need to fap and I’m happy about it, the first week of nofap was great as expected, but after that week I felt like shit, feeling really suicidal knowing that no one will ever be with me and other depressive stuff or episodes.

While in those depressing days my brain wanted me to do the fap but I didn’t listen to my bitchy needs, I went on an alternative path to fix my depression like smile every time I’m feeling down, other hobbies that will make me happy or doing something productive which fills my dopamine, also another thing to mention, sometimes when I feel the need to fap I always say to myself in my mind, make every day count and I will change, those two sentences kept me doing this nofap thing and it is a wonderful experience.

The benefits of nofap I experienced so far – Made me a happier and emotional person again, very huge confidence boost, my face looks more beautiful than ever, more energy.

Also the dark times I experienced while on nofap feeling an extreme withdrawal from porn and masturbation making me suicidal, irritable, building up an appetite, angry emotions.

These has been a journey and I’m glad that I’m on it right now, I want to tell you something about this journey, it’s not a piece of cake it’s more like a piece of hard candy, so the thing you need to know is don’t listen to your subconsciousness telling you that fapping is normal and that everyone does this thing in their bathrooms, if this thing is ruining your life and it’s an addiction you need to get rid of it completely because there is no other way, if it doesn’t affects others but it affects you, the universe is telling you are made for something better, something meaningful, take care fellow fapstronuats, we are not slaves of lust we are people with freedoms and dreams.

I believe in every one of you that you can change your life around, you are strong, you are something, you have the potential to do great things and most importantly don’t give up.

Fuck porn and all the nasty shit on the internet.

LINK – 60+ days of nofap