Age 19 -Makes you feel like a f–king boss. Read YBOP.

Your Brain On Porn

Been on a streak for a good few weeks now, and for the first time ever it isn’t just some pussy shit of still jerking to porn but not ejaculating and acting as if that isn’t a relapse.

I’ve gone hard mode / monk mode this whole time, and my life is already so different. I feel as if all of that dopamine that has gone into jerking off since I was 9 (19 now), is now spread out across every day. I will just be walking and have an urge to laugh. Things like reading a book or studying that I genuinely WANT TO DO, I never could force myself to do it. (things that you want to do but also don’t want to do). But now, i genuinely want to read that book or study, do it, and it feels amazing while I’m reading each paragraph. Just like with Cold Showers. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, would do some, but in the end could never FORCE myself to do it. Even though I genuinely wanted to, if that makes sense. But now I’ve been taking cold showers every day. I don’t feel awake unless I take it.

Also, unrelated, but girls really can feel that you’re on retention.

I’ve never subscribed to the ideologies of saying that it’s spiritual, or pheromones, or any of that. You go from constantly promising yourself that you will quit, or promising to god, to then not even being able to stop yourself from fucking your own hand, or type in the hub, constantly destroying your confidence, making you guilty, and making you HATE yourself, to having confidence. You no longer hate yourself every day, and instead become PROUD of yourself every day. Every day even if you didn’t do much, you can say “I had urges, and I overcame them”. Makes you feel like a fucking boss.

Also, last note, This hot ass milf that has been a friend of the family for years is genuinely showing some fucking interest in me. My confidence is off the charts while having conversations with girls, as opposed to having constant anxiety or imagining how the night before talking to them, I had 40 tabs open and was edging for 5 hours.
If you’ve read this far and are still interested in going the full mile, here’s what has completely changed my mindset and genuinely how I’ve realized I’m never going back:

Read Your Brain on Porn, seriously.

It is a book entirely full of studies, research, and personal accounts of people’s experience from porn. If you’ve been at all addicted to it, you will relate to at least some, if not all, of what others have experienced. You can want to quit porn all you want, you can be told all of everyone else’s reasons, or all of why different people on YouTube have quit or how to quit, but unless you genuinely sit down and learn for yourself what all it does to your brain, and all of the negative effects from it, you’re far less likely to ever quit.

I’ve been reading paragraphs every day from YBOP every night. Not only does this every day before you go to bed, reinforce to your brain that you are quitting porn, but you gain knowledge every day on how shit porn is for you.
Just like with smoking. You could of been smoking since you were 12, but never knew how bad it was for you. You learn all about how bad it is for your heart, skin, lungs, etc, and all of a sudden it’s easier for you to quit.

By: MriFrog

Source: Never doing it again | My experience on my streak + how YBOP has helped me